Going Beyond The Fear By Taking The Steps To Heal Yourself

how you can overcome your fearWe’ve known for a while that our bodies are in a constant state of flux, ready and set to respond, always balancing on the fight or flight tense. We’ll instantly react on command to any real, perceived, or present danger.

We all know the saying “There’s nothing to fear but fear…” There are other anachronisms out there when it comes to the word fear. But know that the majority of this fear that we feel on a daily basis is based usually on false pretense, our own imagination.

The most obvious and perhaps the most frightening situation is being physically attacked or assaulted at random, unmotivated and unprovoked. Whenever we’re in the presence of real actual danger, what occurs is a natural chemical response, our adrenaline begins to pump.

Our blood then begins to drain out of our major organs including the brain, and it will rapidly flow towards our limbs, readying ourselves to prepare ourselves to fight, or to run like hell the other way.

But When There’s No Real Danger
What some of us will do is spend much of our time and energy taxing our internal bodily resources by subjecting it to artificial states of anxiety and fright, being nervous while burning out our wits.

We have a habit of constantly posing ourselves in the fight or flight response situation, even when there’s no real danger which exists in our midst. This because our bodies are conditioned to naturally react on any response regardless, as it will act in the exact same way to any perceived danger, even false alarms.

Our defense system which is always ready and prepared in our body, thinks that these alerts and warnings which are activated are real, and actually happening.


Those Who Are Nervous By Nature
Some individuals by nature are always in a constant state of nerves, they’re nervous for no apparent reason, you know the type. Most of their actions are motivated by fear and anxiety whether imagined or not, as paranoia sets in.

What this condition also often results in are various addictions and bad behavioral habits, this in the hopes that they can numb out these difficult and unwanted feelings.

Usually for these individuals, there’s always that temporary artificial savior of relief which usually turns into an addictive habit, or dependency issues such as alcohol, drugs, food, nicotine, or shopping.

Other outlets for the relief of fear are: always seeking approval, always wanting attention, becoming a workaholic, or anger and violence towards themselves and others. All this in the attempts so they can block out these feelings.

These addictions then becomes an abandonment of self, in that the vices aren’t a healthy or safe way of dealing with these feelings. It’s the self-abandonment which usually causes the most fear and anxiety.

It Becomes A Vicious Cycle
Most will get caught in a negative circle of belief based on self-abandonment:
• They begin thinking about negative thoughts regarding their future, about further failure or rejection, loss of others or self, loss of income or money, which then creates additional fear in the body.

Then they’ll begin abandoning themselves regarding their future, which frightens them. This would be similar to saying to a child, “You’re going to end up alone. No one is ever going to love you. You’ll be left out on the streets with no one helping you.”

Saying this would be considered child abuse, yet these individuals will tell themselves similar things constantly, over and over again, even when there’s no objective truth to any of these statements.

• Once we’ve created artificial fear within ourselves with negative thinking, we’ll then attempt to avoid this fear with the various addictions that we’ve adopted.

We then avoid the responsibilities of creating these fears by turning to the addictions, which is another form of self-abandonment. So we overeat instead of addressing the source of the fear.


This self-abandonment then creates deeper inner emptiness, which further perpetuates the addictive behavior. It follows up by creating neediness, which leads towards depending on others for approval and attention.

What addictive behavior does is it perpetuates the original fears, which results in an endless circle of self-abandonment.

Going Beyond The Fear And Addiction
There is a way to work out of this trap. Although the process of moving beyond all of the fear and addiction may be possible, it’s not easy. What it takes is deep commitment.

1) Choose to feel all of your painful feelings while taking the responsibility for you creating them, this rather than continuing to avoid them with all of the various addictions. Instead, meet them head on. It’s only when you’re willing to deal with your feelings rather than just avoiding them, is when you can learn about how you’re creating your own pain.

2) Make a conscious effort on deciding that you want to learn more about what you’re doing or thinking which is causing this pain.

3) Talk with the part of you which is causing this fear and pain, you can do so by recalling the child within. Make a discovery of your thoughts as well as your actions revealing the source of the pain.

4) Open up to a Higher Power, your highest wisdom, your wisest self, your inner mentor or teacher, the guardian angel, and then resolve the truth regarding all of your negative thinking, and direct whatever the loving action is towards them.

5) Notice how much different, how much better that you feel. If you begin to feel more peaceful, then you know that you’ve taken the proper positive steps. If not, then you’ll need to go back through these steps to rediscover these actions.


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