How To Keep Your Current Relationship Alive Vivid And Active

to build relationshipsWhat some fantasize is that every romance is forever, an automatic ongoing residual of love. But once it slows down, the original chemical bond begins to subside, the love then must be nearing its end. Know this is far from the truth, as keeping love alive is hard work, which needs nurturing, attention, and keeping it real.

Once the excitement, the freshness, the initial spark of being a couple starts to fade, the relationship becomes routine. It then begins to be taken for granted, as the feelings for each other becomes less of a priority. It becomes okay to be late for a date, or complimenting each other on how they look stops.

It becomes important to realize, that there are a variety of ways on how a relationship can slowly sabotage itself. Unless the priority isn’t to constantly look out for each other, the feelings of love which once existed, begins to fade.

So make it a point to take the time to plan exciting romantic events with each other. Dedicate effort into the relationship which can’t be interrupted by anyone or anything. Reserve sacred time for yourselves, do things which makes both of you feel rekindled.

Perceive Your Partner Differently
How you feel about one another, results in how you treat each another. Do you think of them as being a savior, someone you treat with respect, or do you constantly dwell on their shortcomings.

Relationships go wrong once each views the another as ordinary. The best way to reignite the fire, is to keep reminding yourself how you felt when you first met and fell in love. How you felt that moment. All you seen were the positives, while ignoring the deficits.

The best way to recreate this is by recording these feelings in a personal journal. If the light begins to dim, then reread them to refresh yourself. Dedicate a certain time each day to remind yourself of the original relationship, and it’s potential.

How You Vision Each Other
Take the time to write down a precise description on how you see your partner. What they mean to you right now. How you feel the relationship has grown. Be honest without censoring any thoughts or feelings.

Write down how you felt when you first met, and then compare that with how you feel today. You might have the best possible relationship that you can get, but you can’t see beyond the small stuff.

Stop Pushing Them Away
After awhile, what develops are a variety of little quirks, either consciously or subconsciously, which slowly drives a wedge, splitting the relationship apart. It could be the fear of intimacy.

So take the time to realize the various ways on how you’re potentially doing this. This isn’t to blame yourself, but to become more aware of how you might be pushing them away, all this because of your nuances.

Then decide to change this behavior. On a daily basis, take one issue that you know might be forcing your partner away and possibly creating a separation, then commit yourself to fixing it.

For instance, rather than constantly criticizing them in public, say something nice or supportive about them in front of their friends or family. Taking these small steps can have a huge effect.

Expectations Not Fulfilled
There’s nothing that can cause more disappointment in a relationship, than certain expectations not being met.

What we all do is enter relationships with certain expectations in mind. Some are fulfilled, while others are not. There’s nothing which causes more disappointment, than not reaching them.

So take a moment to become aware of what you were expecting from one other. Are they still even possible for them to be fulfilled. Does your partner have these same expectations.

More often than not, it’s unfulfilled expectations and not the person themselves, which becomes upsetting. To feel closer and more satisfied in a relationship, it becomes critical for the list of expectations to be discussed.


See how your personal expectations aligns with your partner. Evaluate and realize if they’re even realistic, or if they’re just childhood fantasy dreams that you can’t let go of.

Fulfill Your Dreams
Analyze the expectations that you have, the ones that your partner also shares with you. Find out the ones which they’re not aware of, and the ones you haven’t met.

Then discuss how willing or what you’re both prepared to do about them, this to fulfill them. Are you willing to be more thankful for what you have. Are you able to reach a compromise.

Often, just knowing that your partner is doing the best they can might be good enough, which allows the relationship to reignite once again.

Just tell them that you love them just the way they are, and that you’re happy. What most have is a deep rooted need, just to know and hear that you’re looking out for them.

Fall In Love Again Everyday
Once you reconnect, then believe that there’s no other person you want to be with. That it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, under what circumstance, that the relationship will survive.

Once you fall back in love with your partner everyday, then there’s no one else you’ll want to be with. Make this process conscious.

Write down and express the ways that you want to recommit with your partner. Write down and express the reasons why you feel the way you do.

Once doing so daily, you’re not only keeping the love and relationship alive and fresh, but you’re also keeping yourself consciously aware of why you’re with them. The role that you play in the relationship. Then the joy, the romance will bloom as a result.

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