Penny Stock Prophet Reveals Accurate Penny Stock Investing

pennystockprophet review james connellyJames Connelly who is the author and developer of this successful investment guide, is known as the “Penny Stock Prophet.” James Connelly, when he was a college student, was determined to make his mark in the world of finance and particularly the penny stock market.

What he stumbled across was a Penny Stock recognition system that he eventually developed and fine tuned, this based on a remarkable discovery that he made. By doing so, James rightfully earned the nickname “The Penny Stock Prophet,” and for good reason.

The Penny Stock Prophet is in reference to James’ unique sense of being able to pick the next big upcoming “mover and shaker,” when it comes to investing in the Penny Stock Market, this usually before the stock hits it big.

He has structured and then tailored a workable plan which shows how you as an investor can take a small investment of say $1,000, and then in 38 directed trades, allow you to achieve financial freedom. Yes, this is a lofty claim and promise in a market which is filled with a lot of empty hype and extraordinary promises, but it’s recommended that you read on.

James Connelly And His Favorite Financial Newspaper
James Connelly at an early age developed an extremely strong interest in the movement of stocks and the stock market in general. It was his father who originally taught him all of the nuances and the acrobatic random tenancies of the markets and how to read and then analyze the stock charts as well as understanding the quarterly reports etc.

By the time James was 16 years old, he became intrigued and was completely hooked by the stock market. So as a gift, he received a subscription to the financial newspaper, the “Wall Street Journal” by his father, much to his delight and then he was off.

What fascinated James was the markets themselves, how the individual stocks performed and reacted, as he saw it as a gigantic puzzle much like a complex video game, viewing it as a huge challenge to solve.


He became convinced that if he studied the market by experiencing all of the trials, tribulations and errors that he made practicing trading the markets, that he could eventually develop a workable and profitable system of stock market investing. He hoped this would give him an edge in locating that next great penny stock before it hatched.

So what originally began as a hobby as a teen then became and grew into a total obsession while he was still in college. Because of this, James then began to cut his college classes when he became completely occupied with spending all his time and resources, which his father had originally taught him to do, which was study, follow, analyze and then trade stocks.

James Connelly’s Penny Stock Prophet Program
So as a result, James has developed and is now offering the average everyday investor who is looking for supplemental income, the system as well as the methods which he developed and uses himself to invest in micro-cap and small-cap stocks. What these are better known as are penny stocks. He claims that if you follow his instruction, you too can be successful.

James makes it possible, by following his plan that he’s laid out, that you will successfully increase your initial investment portfolio by 150% or more. One tidbit that James has revealed is that when the economy is in recession mode, it can be a rather favorable time for penny stock investment.

He claims that once the economy begins to stumble a bit, that’s when the penny stocks will usually have a much easier time to make a correction, while the larger, more established “blue-chip” stocks will generally take longer to make that same correction.

Penny Stocks During A Recession
What an economic recession will tend to do is it will open the usually large, cash bulging accounts of investors who may be looking to buy large chunks of selected promising penny stocks which, in turn, will result in injecting more liquidity directly into the penny stock market.

Once all of the numbers are eventually crunched, the end result is that there are potentially much bigger gains resulting in the penny stock market. What James Connelly offers is a workable and well planned out investment plan which works. He will also recommend the same penny stocks which you should be buying, and buys himself.

His program is complete with a “No Questions Asked” 8 week, Full Money Back Guarantee. So what this means is if you haven’t made any money, with documented proof, while using his system during the 8 weeks, just let James know, and he’ll refund back to you the entire cost of the program.

So if your looking for an alternate investment and financial income model, it can’t really get much better or easier than this. A program that’s simply laid out for you “step-by-step” for investment success, may be too much for you to pass up.

So it may be the right time now that you take advantage of James Connelly’s successful program, Penny Stock Prophet! Click Here! To Download.



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