Reasons To Adopt Better Health Habits For A Longer Life

why being happy makes you healthyWhat we pick up are certain bad health habits over time, then they become so engrained into our daily lives, that we no longer see them as being detrimental to our health. So we carry on, then wonder why certain maladies begin to afflict us, making us feel ill or miserable.

These adopted habits become routine, misguided values which are influenced by society, the media, or our parents. The damage then sets it as we forget about or ignore these certain proven health standards, all which has poor repercussions as we begin to age.

So what needs to be realized and corrected are certain health related misconceptions, common mistakes which most may not even be aware of, but are making. Knowing what they are will lead to a healthier more productive life.

Drink Plenty Of Water
Drinking enough water is overlooked by many. Realize that without hydration, life on this planet wouldn’t exist, as it’s the core element of revitalizing and nourishing life.

What’s known is that almost everyone fails to drink enough water, which is critical to survival on a daily basis. It’s a necessary resource which gives life to every cell in our body to function, yet it’s neglected.

What adequate levels of water does is it rejuvenates sore famished muscles, resurfaces skin, while being one of the most effective ways of promoting weight loss, this more than any other beverage.

What water does is it flushes the liver and kidneys of toxins, while promoting regular and routine bowel function. So it becomes critical that you get adequate amounts of water for your body type and activity level.


Constantly Being Tense
Anxiety manifests from our muscles. Once we become tense, the symptoms of stress can linger around for a while. What this state of health leads to is back pain, migraine headaches, and immune function failure.

So make it a point to take a few moments on a daily basis to actively loosen up your body, releasing all the pent up anxiety. Begin by rolling your head in a slow circular motion while shrugging your shoulders. During breaks, take a walk around the office or go outdoors.

Not Eating Enough Vegetables
Our diet has become accustomed to eating too much meat, or worse, meat byproducts. What’s become common today is enjoying a big juicy burger with a small handful of vegetables, or wolfing down deli meats such as hotdogs.

What dietitians consider a healthy daily serving of meat is about the size of a fist, with additional servings of vegetables, fruits, and grains playing a bigger role.

Meat that’s particularly fatty is considered acidic. So to balance the pH levels once consuming these types of meat, there should be a counterbalance of alkaline based foods such as more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Instead of making meat the focal point of your meals, try incorporating fish or other sources of protein as a substitute, or make it a side dish or compliment. What most recommended is going meat free at least two times a week.

Poor Posture
For those working in an office environment, sitting behind a desk and slaving away behind a computer is far too common. It’s found that sitting for long periods of time is an unnatural act for the body, forcing it to slouch over. So a conscious effort needs to be made to straighten up.

What poor body posture does is it activates an entire array of spine and back issues. Other problems include gastrointestinal pain, poor circulation, stress related headaches, jaw pain, and reduced lung function.

Bad posture is also related to a buildup of tension in the surrounding muscles, as what a slouched back does is it clamps down on the spine, just to maintain the poor body position.

What’s required is a constant effort to be aware of your posture at all times, and to correct yourself once you slump. It can be difficult at the beginning, but the improvements in health will definitely be worth it.


Getting Adequate Sleep
There’s a myth that getting one hour of sleep before midnight, is equal to getting two hours after midnight, which isn’t exactly true, but there is some truth to it. What getting to bed past midnight results in is less valuable REM sleep.

So what’s recommended is trying to shift your schedule to get to bed earlier, and then waking up earlier, this so you could maintain the same hours of required sleep.

Conscious Deep Breathing
Once we become upset, feel stressed out, what we often forget about is our body’s most important control mechanism, our breathing. So remember to take deep long breathes, this to slow down your heart rate, soothe your nerves, which forces you to become more focused.

What oxygen does is it powers every cell in the body, so by increasing your oxygen intake, what we’re doing is injecting more energy into our organs, muscles, and most importantly our brains.

So once you begin to feel confused or tired, feel that you’re losing control, begin experiencing low energy or stress, just take a few long deep soothing breathes.

Just Be More Positive
It’s thought that those who are happier, find humor in everything, generally live longer. The reason being that once we smile, what our brain releases are endorphins which counteracts stress, making us more relaxed.

Also, one of the best features of smiling is that it’s infectious. What smiling does is it triggers laughing out loud, which spreads the cheer around, increasing trust while building better relationships with others.

Even if you’re currently going through a rough patch in your life, try to find someone or something to be happy about, and then laugh about it.

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