10 Ways How Everyday Activities Can Blunt Your Brain

Living a long life becomes the objective since that’s all we know. To breathe another day. We have no idea who preceded us, or what will happen once were gone. It’s our duty, our obligation as humans to preserve ourselves as long as possible.

Yet, what we constantly do are detrimental things on a daily basis which shortens our lives. Doing so blunts our brain at times unknowingly, often on purpose, but usually unaware.

Our brain is the key to every action we take. So it comes down to taking …

Reasons To Adopt Better Health Habits For A Longer Life

why being happy makes you healthyWhat we pick up are certain bad health habits over time, then they become so engrained into our daily lives, that we no longer see them as being detrimental to our health. So we carry on, then wonder why certain maladies begin to afflict us, making us feel ill or miserable.

These adopted habits become routine, misguided values which are influenced by society, the media, or our parents. The damage then sets it as we forget about or ignore these certain proven health standards, all which has poor repercussions as …