The Top 10 Ways How Everyday Activities Can Blunt Your Brain

Living a long life becomes the objective since that’s all we know. To breathe another day. We have no idea who preceded us, or what will happen once were gone. It’s our duty, our obligation as humans to preserve ourselves as long as possible. Yet, what we constantly do are detrimental things on a daily basis which shortens our lives, blunts our brain, at times unknowingly, often on purpose, but usually unaware. Our brain is the key to every action we take. So it comes down to taking taking care of our livelihood, to preserve ourselves as long as possible, this from external detriments.

10. Excess Alcohol

Although drinking a single bottle of beer won’t likely eliminate any brains cells, but what drinking excess alcohol causes is a temporary chemical imbalance along with structural changes in the brain. If your alcohol consumption happens to be chronic, is when the brain cells become affected, this based on MRI’s of alcoholic patients, which shows a decrease in brain volume.

9. Eating Junk Food

What the brain desperately needs are the proper healthy nutrients to survive. Once deprived, the brain cells begin to starve. Most however resort to junk food, as it’s comfort food, or easily available and extremely tasty. Since what we have is complete control over what we choose to eat on a daily basis, make a conscious choice to eat as healthy as possible, as your brain craves it.

8. Wearing Socks Or A Hat While Sleeping

This may be surprising for many, but what’s constantly required is a gaseous exchange between our body cells and the immediate atmosphere. Once we cover up our heads or feet while sleeping, it affects the proper functioning of the brain. So avoid wearing a cap or socks while sleeping. It’s however a common habit to keep warm.