Ways How You Can Become A More Likeable Person In Life

Everyone knows someone who they have a difficult time liking, because of their annoying or at times sour disposition. This person easily offends, comes across as aloof or cold hearted. They’re rude, has a big ego, as their aura of smugness precedes them. There’s not many who likes this person.

Now contrast that with someone you know, who you and everyone else who happens to meet them, instantly adores them. They’re extremely accommodating to get along with.

What they have, is a pleasant outgoing friendly agreeable personality. What is it …

Why First Impressions Are Usually Cured By A Second Look

coming across as genuineIn rapid fire succession we make hundreds of first impressions quickly on anyone and anything. This as a measure to save time, this to decide whether to move on or to stay. We assess others quickly and spontaneously, within split-seconds, this based on how they appear.

How they decide to dress, stand, talk, laugh, chew their food, how they look at you, the aura that they project, this within an instance of contact, we scan an impression on them. We do so without having any previous interaction with them whatsoever.…