Why You Need A Proactive Strategic Marketing Plan To Compete

business strategy planCompetition has become persistent. What the Information Age has brought forward is the most turbulent times for business, as the pressure is unrelenting. A century ago, the total sum of knowledge that mankind had, doubled every 500 years. Today, it doubles every two years. This pace continues to accelerate.

What the experts claim is that the high school seniors of today needs to absorb, cram, more education in their final year alone, than what their grandparents did their entire lives. As everything in life is accelerating forward and evolving at …

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What Are The Key Elements Behind Every Successful Entrepreneur

make sure that you focus your energy to be an entrepreneurThat drive towards Success Avenue is there in front you, within your grasp, you could see, smell, and taste it. So you’re wondering how possible it is to finally cross that line to becoming a flourishing success.

It all comes down to the intangibles, so omit the external forces for now, such as, a big bankroll, having a business and a marketing plan, and that next great groundbreaking idea, and focus rather on whether you have the personal “goods” to make it. True, when it comes to any degree of …

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