How To Get Past “Hello” When Getting To Know Someone New

Look around you, there are people everywhere, all shapes, sizes, and personalities. People are strange. When a group of strangers happens to meet for the first time, whether it be a social function or for business, what inevitably happens is there are strains of awkwardness.

It becomes uncomfortable regardless of who you are, that’s associated with meeting anyone new we’re unfamiliar with.

You don’t know them, these strangers, so how could you trust them, these weirdos.

Until there’s some type of repertoire, familiarity, it’s difficult to relax and express what …

Signs Of Discovering That You Might Be An Introvert After All

to-be-an-introvertWe’re conditioned to be outgoing, this to be cool, that being brash will make you more popular. So most won’t admit that they may be an introvert. This because of the perception of what being an introvert carries, that they’re too shy, a bit aloof, and they don’t like people that much.

But realize that introverts just express from the inside out, this rather than just blurting out and reacting to the environment. Introverts are warm loving caring people who are empathetic first. Yet the stigma exists that being an …

Tear Down The Walls Break The Ice And Get To Know Someone

awkward unkown situationPeople are everywhere, people are strange. When a group of strangers first meet, whether it be business or a social setting, what inevitably happens are strains of awkwardness that’s associated with those who they’re unfamiliar with. Who are these peeps?

You don’t know them so how could you trust them, these weirdos. Until there’s familiarity, it becomes difficult to move forward with what you want to do. How to deal with them. So what needs to be built up is some type of repertoire to begin engaging with them.

Most …