Becoming Successful Takes More Than Effort To Get Results

What’s becoming apparent to succeed, is to work smarter and not harder. There are however plenty of rewards realized when working hard, once we exert sweat equity. These can include learning to listen better, improving our communication skills and attitude, to improve our network and work experience.

What needs to be realized, is it takes more than effort to get the results we’re wanting. The need to go beyond “trying.”

What we’re taught, is hard work is considered a great virtue. Our parents worked hard, preached the value of working …

How We Forget Our Dreams Once The Reality Of Life Interferes

learning to dream bigA child is given the dare to dream. You can be anything that you want Johnny, yes anything. Every single child is fortified with unique ambition and infinite fantasy. Where most end up however, is at the crossroads of doing what they’re told, and hope fading away.

There comes that decisive point in most lives, situations which directs their future. Some will find the courage to strive forward and pursue to achieve the goals they’ve set, while others, the majority, will slip back and wish away, as their dreams dissolve.…

Your Life Begins The Moment That You Take Responsibility Of It

taking responsibility of lifeYour life won’t change until you assume full responsibility. Your ability to respond, isn’t a way of just accepting blame, but it’s rather assuming your ability to respond to all situations. Finding an empowering meaning, solving reasons for whatever happens to you.

The biggest challenge that most face in the times that we live in, is the sensation that our lives are spiraling out of control. The feeling that the events and circumstances of our lives has pulled us polar, down a torturous road that we have no control over.…

Slow Down The Seduction By Spending Time Alone With The Soul

spending time aloneIs it possible to become seduced by society. In fact, the majority of us have a vague sense of being emotionally seduced, no recollection on how it could happen. All we know is that we’re constantly flooded with information, and can’t think for ourselves any longer.

At times, there’s an ominous feeling which prevails and narrows our field of mental and emotional vision, which leaves us with the impression that someone or something controls our master switch, that we no longer control our own destiny.

The path is then darkened …

Choose To Live Your Own Life Or Others Will Live It For You

live your own lifeWhat’s laid out is a path, instructions to take which directs our life. It’s our choice since it’s our own submission. The life we live can also become challenging, our life can become a protest. We can live a lifetime of finding out what works, and what doesn’t.

At times, we get mislead, frustrated and led astray, confused where we’re going. We can attempt to follow our own wisdom, but we can easily get thrown off course. During these times, others who think they’re well intentioned, attempts to helps us …