Why Most Stumble In The Pursuit Of Financial Freedom

What school teaches us is education about the world. Every facet of existence is discovered, graduating us to become a fully fledged adult human being, designated to survive. It lays down the ground rules, teaches us how to reform our personality, maximize aptitude, all to fit into society.

Then the cord is cut, and we’re released into the uncertain volatile world out there.

What education fails to teach, is how to gain financial independence. How to earn, learn wealth management, invest, and save for retirement.

As a result, reaching financial …

Escaping The Victim Mentality By Becoming Financially Free

Your limbs remain in shackles, you’re a prisoner in your own skin, paralyzed and limited to an inadequate life. You can’t do the things you want to. Your life quest then becomes doing all you can to escape and break free from this virtual prison, and you’re the only one who can do so.

This lack of freedom many face, is financial freedom. To self support yourself and not rely on others.

To survive and exist on your own two feet without the need to depend on external resources. This …