5 Detrimental Ways How Sugar Damages The Brain

An addiction is an addiction, some are just more obvious than others, but detrimental just the same. Anything that’s bad, anything that damages health, something as common as sugar is an addiction.

Most are aware of its negative effects, that it’s harmful for their heart and waistline. Most aren’t aware how damaging it is to the brain. What the brain needs however are small doses of sweetness, for it to function properly.

The type it needs is glucose, which is naturally found in foods such as fruits and grains. The …

The Damage That Hidden Added Sugar Does To Your Health

the harm of added sugarPoor memory, developing learning disorders and chronic overeating are just a few of the symptoms that’s linked to the consumption of too much sugar. Continuous studies reveal that these problems are just the beginning, as experts better understand the actual effects and damage that’s caused by Added Sugar. So what is the actual accumulated damage that absorption of too much sugar does to our brains.

One fact difficult to swallow is that North Americans consume on average, over 150 pounds of the various forms of sugar annually. That’s just …