It’s Time To Wake Up And Take Better Care Of Our Little Green Planet

Any shade of green, is now becoming the current color of hip these days. This because we as collective individuals, living on this planet for the past half century, are all becoming more environmentally conscious. Every generation from baby boomers, millennials, to Gen Z, at one time or another, have been accused and found guilty of burning out this little rock that we call home, that’s beginning to spin out of control.

We are all guilty of these habits of excess, which was originally established by our parents, ancestors, and …

How To Be Cool By Going Green And Environmental Friendly

exotic birds in its natural habitatGreen of all shades is becoming the current color of hip. This because we as collective individuals for decades have being accused of attempting to burn out this planet that we live on.

This conclusion was reached from what’s previously known about our traditional societies and forefathers. Our little green planet is beginning to sputter and no longer as sustainable as it once used to be.

Some claim that we’re now living on borrowed time if we continue to live as excessively like we have in the past, it will …