To Be Liked: The Methods Of Making That Good First Impression

how not to be annoyingWhen it comes to engaging with others, there are certain unwritten rules, traits to adopt when making that good first impression, and you have one chance to do so. The most common including your body language, dressing accordingly, controlling your anxiety levels when meeting someone for the first time.

But know that any impression extends beyond that initial first instinct. If you’re going to get people on your side, to like you, whether at work, or among your friends and family, you need a well polished follow up act.

Impression …

Using The Seduction Methods Which Forces People To Like You

why shaking hands is important for being likedYou know who they are, they’re magnetically charming and charismatic, being able to shine at will. They come across as completely genuine under any circumstance, as they have a knack of instantly making you, or a room full of skeptics smile with glee.

When you meet someone for the very first time, and after the formal introductions, “Hello, how are you?” most will just go into limp mode with short choppy replies, and become distant when it comes to small talk.

Those first few minutes can become anxiously prolonged …