The Disadvantages Of A Losing Trader In The Financial Markets

how to become a successful traderMost will tell you about the opportunity that is trading the markets, and how best that profit can be realized. Knowing exactly when and how to precisely enter and exit the market, minimize risk while increasing capital, establishing a protocol for profitable trading.

The goal of trading is to profit, the penultimate goal being exiting with a profit. But at face value, for most, trading is more like gambling, where one can’t determine or tell what’s behind the market forces, knowing what it can do to dispel your trading decisions.…

Why Paper Trading The Financial Markets Can Prove Disastrous

why you need proper trading psychologyTo begin with, most who attempt to trade for a living lose. The perceived easy street to riches isn’t paved with coin, but rather with dirt. It’s also known that the main reason why most traders lose is because they’re not psychologically prepared to trade real money.

What happens is they get blinded by emotion when trading with real capital, emotions which they didn’t experience while paper trading. Trading is more of a psychological game than a methodological process.

Successfully making money trading the financial markets is reserved only for …