Strategies To Initiate A Brand New Romantic Relationship

There you are sitting alone on another Friday night, your only companionship being a blaring TV, your cat, and cold vegetarian pizza. So you want a romantic relationship. You’re attractive, people like you, yet for a while you’ve chosen to be alone, to calculate and reevaluate your life.

So how do you take that next step forward from being single, to finding a mate, a partner, a significant other.

Your slate is now clean, no residue no karma. There are no lingering aftereffects or rebounding from a relationship gone astray. …

A Quiz On Why You Keep On Choosing The Wrong Relationship

Dating is a fools game, a crapshoot, a game of chance where the odds are stacked against you. Many claim dating is a fruitless search, a hit-and-miss proposition. Initially, what it’s filled with is hope and expectation, but soon after, these first impressions are cured by a second look.

Relationships always start out well, but far too often, they turn out disappointing, as one becomes disillusioned in the long run. Then you think that love doesn’t exist, that love sucks. Yet, most singles will continue to put out massive effort, …

The Realization That To Be In The Moment Is A Thing Of The Past

getting to know someoneOnce upon a time, it was cool to be in the moment. That when living in the present you were in touch with your senses. It was believed that to experience life to its extreme, to its pinnacle, it was necessary to experience all of the sensory stimuli surrounding it.

But realize that this being in the moment thing may no longer be relevant, as it’s gone the moment it happens. It becomes history in the rear view mirror, as dwelling can become impractical and self-defeating. Everything today happens at …