A Quiz On Why You Keep On Choosing The Wrong Relationship

Dating is a fools game, a crapshoot, a game of chance where the odds are stacked against you. Many claim dating is a fruitless search, a hit-and-miss proposition. Initially, what it’s filled with is hope and expectation, but soon after, these first impressions are cured by a second look.

Relationships always start out well, but far too often, they turn out disappointing, as one becomes disillusioned in the long run. Then you think that love doesn’t exist, that love sucks. Yet, most singles will continue to put out massive effort, time, and energy into discovering every possible option, this to find their elusive soul mate.

Despite all of the multiple setbacks, what they keep reaching for is finding that nonexistent needle in the haystack. What’s remarkable, is how some continue to find the resilience and the optimism to keep trying.

To Refine The Process
What life has are a host of other demands, so it pays off to use the best methods that work, focusing on what’s best proven.

What online dating profiles does, is attempts to offer a more accurate first impression, where every hopeful lovelorn subscriber, is completely exposed.

So whether it’s a blind date, hook up or fix-up from mutual friends or family, are all possibilities. Chance encounters, which can work out or bomb. What’s for certain, is that most relationship seekers, will try every possible option.

Try And Try Again
What’s known for certain is that most of these attempts to find love, this to find a successful romantic partnership, usually fails. So what needs to be determined are the underlying factors, the reasons why, which should guarantee finding better results.

Answer the following questions with a “Yes” or a “No” as honestly as you can:

1. Has any of your past dates or partners, at the end turned out to be who you thought they’d be?
2. Are you often attracted to those who you know are “out of reach?”
3. Does the qualities that you initially look for in a partner, remain the same in the long run?
4. Do you find it important, that your partner wants to impress others?
5. Is the partner that you want, currently available within your dating options?
6. Are you honestly being realistic, this when it comes to getting what you really want in a partner, this based upon what you as a person has to offer?
7. Are the choices that you make, based more on romantic myths and expectations, this rather than pragmatic hopes?

If your answers to the questions 1, 3, 5, and 6 happened to be “No,” while questions 2, 4, and 7, were “Yes,” then know that you’re much less likely to find a successful partner, this if you continue to search for a relationship, the same way that you have in the past.

The reason for this is because we humans by instinct are traders. That we’re programmed to make deals with others. The best trades are those that work out well for both. At times they do, but more often than not, they don’t.

There’s Always Someone Better
The biggest issue is that most believe that they can make a better deal, that there’s always someone better.

For instance, what they have to offer, is worth a lot more over time, than what it may initially appear to be. What they’re wanting is the other person to trust in the investment.

Or, they’re constantly looking for love in all the wrong places, or it could be the wrong time in their lives. It could be their well-intended friends who are giving them the impression, that they’re more marketable than they actually are.

Maybe they happened to move themselves from a location, from where there were a lot more single people, to a place where there were less singles. It’s possible that some relationship seekers, happens to be worth more in one market, than another.

The Search Continues
For the majority of singles who aren’t successful, the reason is usually because what they do, is search or invest in someone, who’s similar to their previous relationships, this by default.

They would most likely be more successful, if they knew exactly who they want, while being realistic on what they have to offer. If they knew the exact profile on their next partner, then they’ll have a better chance on finding a compatible match.


Continuing To Believe Perfect Love Exists
If you’re looking for a long term relationship, it then becomes crucial that you don’t have a firm rigid template.

This becomes especially true, if you’ve been previously repeatedly disillusioned, by those who appears to be what you want early in the relationship, but always ends up disappointing you in the long run.

Perfect love isn’t possible, because what it does is alters and transforms itself as life challenges presents itself. There’s are no preset templates, which guarantees love.

The Ideal Long Term Partner
There are certain traits that most long-term relationships have in common. They usually don’t have the “ideal” characteristics of their perfect mate, but what they do is alter over time.

Long-term partners are excellent sensitive flexible understanding people, in everything that they do. They’re completely authentic, accountable, forgiving, resilient, who constantly focuses on the solutions, this rather than the problems.

What they do is treasure what they have, not interested in wasting time, not interested in repeated negative interactions. They’re supportive while not being possessive.

What they do is rise to the occasion when there’s unexpected crises, as they’ll continue to build whatever is broken. They learn from their mistakes, while they’ll innovate when they’re stuck.

The closer you become to refining these characteristics, the better the chances are, that you’ll attract someone who’s equally as desirable, this regardless of the odds.