A Quiz On Why You Keep On Choosing The Wrong Relationship

Dating is a fools game, a crapshoot, a game of chance where the odds are stacked against you. Many claim dating is a fruitless search, a hit-and-miss proposition. Initially, what it’s filled with is hope and expectation, but soon after, these first impressions are cured by a second look.

Relationships always start out well, but far too often, they turn out disappointing, as one becomes disillusioned in the long run. Then you think that love doesn’t exist, that love sucks. Yet, most singles will continue to put out massive effort, …

Why Some Consider Being Single Is Now The New Hip And Cool

deciding to have a relationshipAsk anyone who’s single and they’ll tell you there’s nothing wrong with it. There are some who actually envy it, this especially if they’re landlocked into a failing relationship that they can’t or refuse to leave. Being single offers independence and empowerment.

Those who are afraid of the freedom of being single, will drive themselves to fall in and out of relationships which isn’t right for them, while feeling absolutely miserable. This occurs since they need relationships because they don’t want to be left alone by themselves.

They need someone …