How You Need To Work Hard To Get More Likes For Your Fanpage

get more likesLikes, a feeling a few notches below love. Likes at one time was a warm fuzzy feeling that you got when you felt affection towards a person or a thing. “I really like you.” As kids, the things that most like are eating, sleeping, and playing with friends.

The meaning of “Like” suddenly changed when a particular site began using likes on their webpages. Facebook, once they acquired this social media site, began to integrate the “Like” button feature on their own site, this as an expression of ones level of… Like.

They doing so altered the way we …

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How To Get More Facebook FanPage Views Without Advertising

how to get more fanpage viewsIt’s estimated that once you make a post on your Fanpage, that there’s just 10% to 15% percent of those fans who liked your page, will actually see it on their newsfeeds. So if you have 200 or 10,000 fans, that’s just a small portion of them who will view it, and the main reason why you don’t get any responses.

You’ve spent all that time, money, and effort to build up all those Fanpage likes, but yet more money and effort is needed to connect with them. The reason being that Facebook is continuously looking to monetize off …

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