How To Get More Facebook FanPage Views Without Advertising

how to get more fanpage viewsIt’s estimated that once you make a post on your Fanpage, that there’s just 10% to 15% percent of those fans who liked your page, will actually see it on their newsfeeds. So if you have 200 or 10,000 fans, that’s just a small portion of them who will view it, and the main reason why you don’t get any responses.

You’ve spent all that time, money, and effort to build up all those Fanpage likes, but yet more money and effort is needed to connect with them. The reason being that Facebook is continuously looking to monetize off of you any way they can.

Mainly prompting you to advertise being their prime objective. Not too long ago, what Facebook did was they made a key change in how your postings are served on Newsfeeds. What they did was introduce what they called “Story Bumping.”

To understand how this works, whenever anyone logs onto their Facebook account, they’ll spend on average, 16 minutes per visit scrolling up and down their Newsfeed and groups, this up to a dozen times a day, this provided they have the time.

But if they’re short on time, they’ll just read the first few postings at the top, while missing out on the rest of them. So what Story Bumping does is it forces them to see all the old content that they’ve missed, which they haven’t seen before that Facebook feels is important, this by bumping up those selected stories.

Why Certain Posts Are Bumped Up
So there is a protocol why certain older stories will be bumped up to be shown at the top, hopefully yours. This is determined by how much interaction that the particular post had in terms of shares, likes, and comments.

So this is where Story Bumping comes in. A story, your post from your Fanpage, can get bumped up if it has fresh new comments. So even if your fans haven’t seen your post earlier, they’ll see it again and again if there’s enough comments which has been generated.


So the key is to provide relevant quality engaging conversational content which your fans can react to and comment on. Theoretically, if your post somehow generates 90 comments, even if your post was spammy, it wouldn’t matter and would be bumped to the top.

There’s also evidence that if you link to articles from authority sites and blogs, such as Mashable, HuffPost, CNN, etc., which contains high quality content that’s pertinent to your niche, you’ll also get on Facebook’s radar and may get a bump.

Working Backwards To Go Forward
So you should then be able to get more of your posts shown at the top of newsfeeds by reverse engineering their algorithm, as there’s an actual score that they calculate which rules what News Feed stories they show first.

The more quality comments and likes that the content posting has, the higher that the score is, and the more likelihood that you’ll benefit from Story Bumping.

Producing Quality Content
So the key is just producing high quality content. If you’re an expert at content creation or content marketing, you can then write your own posts and publish them on your blog.

If you’re not an experienced content writer, then you can curate content by linking related articles from authority blogs on your Fanpage which are in your niche, and your readers would find valuable and willing to comment or share.

Before posting, you need to make sure that the curated link you’re sharing will have a high score. To do this, you’ll need to find links which are trendy and new, and not link to tired old rehashed information.

You need to make sure that the content is relative to your page and niche and will provoke attention. Begin by asking yourself if this is something that your fans would be interested in reading. Place yourself in their mindset.

Think about all the pages that you have liked, what grabbed your attention. Would your post be something that you would like yourself, and welcome seeing on your own newsfeed.

Then right before you make the post, ask yourself if your fans would be willing to comment or share this with their friends.


Posting Relevant Information On Your Fanpage
So you need to find quality trending content in your niche which would be of interest to your fans. Research the Internet and find breaking news, then share by linking the content.

Another method of getting more views, likes, and comments, which isn’t used that often is by tagging. What most will do is “tag” their friends, usually photos, of each other in their posts. They do so because they want their friends who they’re tagging to see them.

You can do the same and it works just as well with pages. Whenever you make a new post, what you can do is “tag” another page and then have their fans see the same post as well.

You just need to make sure that the pages you’re tagging are relevant and connected to your page. So find several highly relevant pages and then tag them into your post.

Getting Comments On Your Posts
Once you’ve posted your high quality content, the next step is getting comments. There are several ways of doing this. One method is by creating excellent content or linking to one, and then allowing it to take it’s course.

Another strategy is by asking your friends to comment on your posts. If you happen to have a fanpage, then you most likely asked them to like that page, you most likely invited them.

So on your own personal Facebook page, you can post a link going back to your new Fanpage post or blog, and then ask your friends for their opinion by they commenting, or sharing.


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