The Need To Motivate Yourself To Get What You Want In Life

To generate motivation becomes the key which kicks us out of bed Monday morning, and guides us to stay on track. Doing so pushes us closer, so we can see the light at the end of the coffee. Motivation is that internal kick in the groin we give ourselves, knowing some days can be harder than others.

What most however will do is flick the default switch and remain lazy, stagnate and as static as possible. To do the bare minimum.

So what it take’s is that nudge to get …

Never Wait Till Tomorrow To Fix Your Procrastination Today

someone who constantly procrastinatesProcrastination, the excuse of the pessimists and the comfort cushion for the lazy. The empty reason when it comes to putting something off by beginning something, and then failing to finish it, which had been decided consciously.

Which isn’t the same as choosing to do something at a later time since there’s not enough time, or the benefits of putting if off outweighs doing that task right away.

It’s also not considered procrastination if you happen to prioritize a certain task, and brand it more important or pressing over another, …