How To Manage Your Finances In Any Economic Condition

What living our life comfortably comes down to, are the choices we make. This includes the type of work we choose, the business we want to build, or the personal lifestyle we want to lead. What’s often overlooked is the connection these choices have with one another.

The fact remains, interdisciplinary thinking goes a long way. This however might sound a bit obtuse for some.

Realize the most important life decisions you make, can be made a lot more easier and accurately, by thinking more basic and within your capabilities.…

Why Most Stumble In The Pursuit Of Financial Freedom

What school teaches us is education about the world. Every facet of existence is discovered, graduating us to become a fully fledged adult human being, designated to survive. It lays down the ground rules, teaches us how to reform our personality, maximize aptitude, all to fit into society.

Then the cord is cut, and we’re released into the uncertain volatile world out there.

What education fails to teach, is how to gain financial independence. How to earn, learn wealth management, invest, and save for retirement.

As a result, reaching financial …

How To Better Manage Your Life In Any Economic Situation

Living a successful life comes down to the basic choices you plan and live out. It’s the career path you chose, the business you decide to build, the personal lifestyle you want to lead. What’s often overlooked is the connection, all these forces have with one other.

The fact remains interdisciplinary thinking, can go a long way towards sustainability. This might sound a tad obtuse and mundane for some.

But realize the most important life decisions can be made a lot easier and more accurately, by thinking more basic, and …

How To Use “Monthly-Averaging” When Budgeting Your Money

expenses for car repairsWhat budgeting money does is sends shivers down ones spine, but it’s a necessary evil. It sounds painful to do, much like extracting teeth without anesthetic. To save money for the future appears like an aggravating process. We grow up taking money for granted, as we despise saving for the future.

What’s the point of restraining oneself when it comes to spending as we please. Most will however eventually discipline themselves to create a budget. Then impulsiveness suddenly kicks in, or an unexpected expense comes up, then the budget vanishes …

How Your Daily Money Making Decisions Affects Your Life

fighting over moneySo how would you react if you decided to take inventory on your financial behavior. Ask yourself how you’ve handled your money lately, and if you’re pleased with how you saved or spent. Would you make the same decisions over again, if not, then how would you change things.

Did the money spender in you happen to spend too much recently, and once the bills eventually begin to arrive, is that remorse that you feel. Is the “thrifty” saver in you not as generous as you’d like to be, depriving …