How To Keep The Brain Active And Alert As You Age

It’s usually politely called having a senior moment, as “forgetting” is excused as an inevitable part of the aging process. What’s undisputed and accepted by many is it’s perfectly normal to begin experiencing slight memory lapses, by the time most reach middle age.

There are some who disagree however. If there is any type of memory disorder, there are certain changes in their lifestyle they can alter.

This to slow down the decline of memory loss or possibly even reverse it. At the very least, to minimize the damage of …

How To Act Your Age By Knowing Exactly How Old Your Brain Is

keeping the brain youngSo the latest theory is that the brain doesn’t need to lose nerve cells as it ages, this not as much as once thought. What was originally speculated was up to 1% percent of neurons was lost every year once reaching the age of 25. This is now thought to be false, this for certain neurodegenerative diseases.

The thinking now is there’s no need to lose any mental function as the aging process sets in. Although you might slow down a bit, it’s thought you won’t dumb down. There is …