Deadline Anxiety Why Writing On A Daily Basis Is Like Homework

a worried writer on the internetRemember that dreaded homework assignment that’s due tomorrow, and you didn’t have a dog to feed it to. No one really enjoys doing homework, the nerve you say, yet writing on a daily basis is similar to having homework that’s due. This is the starting point when it comes to discussing deadlines, a fact of life when it comes to any Writer from a variety of backgrounds.

Whether it’s a high profile screenwriter who’s on assignment, a member of a successful TV series who needs to add exciting “edge of …

Learn How Can You Become A Better Writer? It’s More Sweat Than Skill

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Please take some excellent advice that’s been passed along by someone who’s been a writer, at a professional level for over two decades, as well as she teaching technical writing for nearly that long. Every seminar or conference held, every writing staff, every class she teaches, invariably the same question is always asked: “How Can I Become A Better Writer?”

They however, usually don’t like the answer, which is always. “Practice your writing every day and then constantly be reading to study the writing of others.”

So why don’t most …