Subliminal Reasons Why Consumers Buy A Particular Brand

When it comes to our decision making, this strictly on a biological and mechanical basis. What our subconscious mind will do is take a crude snapshot, a visual inventory of what’s registered by the eye. Then the brain attempts to process what it saw.

The brain then interprets and relays the data of what it thinks it’s seen, to the conscious mind. It supplies a detailed image of the event or object, this in a split-second.

So what the mind may perceive and what’s actually real, may not always be …

Why Consumers Will Choose One Particular Brand Over Another

how the customers decides to choose productsOn a purely mechanical and biological basis, what our unconscious mind does is it takes a crude visual inventory that’s registered by the retina. Then the brain will attempt to process it, and present the data of what it thinks it sees to the conscious mind, supplying a detailed image of the object or event.

So what your mind actually may perceive and what is actually real, may not always be a direct image of what’s really there. It’s rather an image that’s constructed by the mind from the information …