So How Can You Generate Revenue From Developing Mobile Applications

buildingamobilephoneappThere are apps available for smartphones and tablet PC’s now for practically anything that you or anyone else on the planet who has a mobile device has a need for. The biggest issue however which faces the majority of the app developers who are creating all these applications is how they can actually make a profit from them.

Research has shown that the annual number of mobile app downloads for all the various OS versions of the mobile devices is expected to increase from around 11 billion in 2010 to …

Developing Mobile SEO Search Engine Optimization Strategies For Mobile Websites

improving mobile seo optimizationSo you’ve finally got that perfect design for your mobile site in place and its gone live. But what may perhaps be more important other than it’s functionality and visuals is making sure that your newly created site is found by the ever growing mobile users.

You’ll also need to make sure that your new mobile site doesn’t interfere with the search or the online presence of your primary traditional site which is available for the regular site visitors.

Enter Mobile Search Engine Optimization
According to a recent study which …