What You Post On Social Media Shows Your Level Of Narcissism

Sandy has a new boyfriend. She’s overjoyed with excitement, since she’s found someone who’s willing tolerate her overbearing and at times annoying ways. She wants to share the news on social media, so her worthiness as a functioning human being would be verified.

What she does is posts photos, as the “comments” and “likes” stream in, which makes her feel relevant.

What some wonder is why she would even bother broadcasting her private life on such a public forum. Can’t she just keep it to herself.

The reason for her …

Why Some People On Social Media Feel They Need To Show Off

having a war of wordsThere are some who will completely hide from the glare, not express their public exposure, they remain silent refusing to show any signs of livelihood. They’re just not comfortable broadcasting themselves on social media.

But then there’s others who do so, and too often. What makes them feel like then need to. They’ll parade their kids or pets on Facebook as if they’re completely naive of the dangers, not realizing the potential hazards of such public disclosure. What satisfaction, accomplishment do they get from this.

They feel that they’re not …