How The New Connected Generation Is Redefining The Workplace

theconnectedgenerationSay hello to the next new generation of workers, these are the individuals who grew up knowing nothing but digital technology. This is the generation which is rapidly transforming how we conduct business, marketing, and the workplaces of the future.

This new generation is extremely connected, they’re redefining what traditional marketing used to be, as we knew it. They’re completely redefining what the cost of customer acquisition is, how consumers are served, and why and how they buy product.

They’re completely altering the workplace and the career landscape. This is …

Building Brand Awareness Through Search Engine Marketing And Social Media

brandrecognition through search and social marketingThere’s two major challenges which every online marketer is faced with, this regardless of what product, service or industry segment that they’re involved in. The first is how to get more targeted “buying” visitors that need to know about their brand, thus creating Brand Awareness. The other is attempting to keep their particular brand in the minds of their current consumers. Those are the customers who may have previously purchased from them and knows their particular brand and they want to keep them loyal.

Since these challenges are forever …

Why Your Business Needs To Start Using Twitter

twitteer tweet bird mountain_bluebirdIf your online marketing efforts or business is not currently using Twitter, now may be the time to start. You can use Twitter as a means of getting genuine focused publicity, as well as traffic to your site, while gaining a larger audience and exposure. This is ‘real-time’ as it happens, micro niche Web presence at its best.

Top social media consultants, as well as analytic companies are now guiding businesses on how to use this social medium to maximize their return based on effort. Other alternates would include …