How The New Connected Generation Is Redefining The Workplace

theconnectedgenerationSay hello to the next new generation of workers, these are the individuals who grew up knowing nothing but digital technology. This is the generation which is rapidly transforming how we conduct business, marketing, and the workplaces of the future.

This new generation is extremely connected, they’re redefining what traditional marketing used to be, as we knew it. They’re completely redefining what the cost of customer acquisition is, how consumers are served, and why and how they buy product.

They’re completely altering the workplace and the career landscape. This is the generation that’s linked in, they fall into the 20 to 36 year age group, are extremely savvy as they pave new roads on how new business is attended.

What they’re doing is pioneering, reshaping, and dictating online video, social media networking, and are doing so while using their smartphones and tablet PCs.

The Connected Generation
What they’ve developed are connections built on engagement, creativity, and consumption that’s completely self directed. They delicately measure the importance of their personal along with their work environment based on how they feel.

What the experts determined when it comes to this connected generation, “Gen C,” is that they managed to completely alter the perceptions of the previous generations, the reason because their brains are wired completely differently.

They are the one’s who refined transparency and total reveal in social media. What most aren’t comfortable with is why we need to share so much personal information online. They’re the ones who managed to force this exposure out of us towards ultimate rapture.

In an online world where we once used Google to search for and find information, they’ll instead find information on YouTube or social media to make their decisions. We’ll watch TV on our big television screens at home, they’ll watch TV on their tablets.

How This Affects Your Business
So how does this behavior impact your business, as Gen C are now becoming the most affluent money spending consumers. A world where these shoppers are influenced by 9 different online sources when making their buying decisions.

We now live in a business world where industry is now completely virtual, a world where the Internet is used to collect and display all data, which in turn creates new epicenters of influence.

There’s now complete transparency. Buying decision are made on a peer-to-peer basis, shared experiences on products are displayed on blogs, YouTube, review sites, social media, and apps. Information that’s mutual will become the influence of consumer buying behavior.

The Future Of Marketing
We see glimpses of a marketing environment that’s extremely personalized, customized. A world where you can now focus directly on precise geographic, demographic, and specific gender or ethnic opt-ins to collect targeted leads. Where the content becomes the advertising.

These new consumers form their purchasing decision with particular brands based on trust, and if a company happens to break that trust, the negative effects will go virtual wildfire overnight and will burn down. All the efforts quickly vanishing.

The motivation to buy anything will be peer motivated, and businesses will be required to focus, predict, and then be able to turn their marketing strategies on a dime. They need to instantly adjust their product or services based on the emotional retractions and the interactions of their consumers, all in real time.

The New Technology Workplace
New technology is already eradicating jobs, changing others while creating new categories of employment. The new methods of media and the use of smart machines are completely reshaping the workplace, which is also developing a void of skills which are needed to fill them.

As the the world continuously shifts towards an aging population, there’s an adjustment in the economy that’s occurring which needs an alteration of our education, which tailors to these new careers.

And to better cater to the the aging population, new products and services are being developed to better accommodate for the health of these seniors. What’s also in development are new and improved automated “smart machines” which will enter the offices, factories, and our homes, all designed to make our lives easier.


It’s Coming To A Workplace Near You
Isn’t this what we all feared. The majority of current jobs are expected to be automated, by robotic or software automaton, and not carried out by people who’ll just remotely push the buttons.

So hang on tight, as the rise of this new generation, Gen C, this connected generation are the ones who are destined to completely alter what we once referred to as work, and this is happening now.

The New Generation Connected
What the traditional old school businesses are currently facing are declining revenues and profits from using traditional income sources, and are too stubborn to transform, to automate to this new economy.

So the challenge for industry is to abandon their once successful but outdated business models, and then instead focus on what the connected generation is serving.

What businesses and what we do personally needs to mingle seamlessly, as social structured collaboration networks are beginning to proliferate, which completely impacts what choices we make.

The Social Collaborated Workplace
What the technology futurists are predicting is that the next generation of workers beyond this one needs to adapt even more, demonstrating complete flexibility, and not learning a strict discipline such as accounting, for instance.

They’re required to be chameleons in a quickly altering workplace while becoming lifelong learners. What the education system needs to instruct are critical thinking skills, collaboration, and interpersonal and interchangeable skills more than technical ones.

This redefined role for all organizations will also become a critical stepping stone, by they developing a mindset of hiring individuals for positions which don’t even exist yet, this to just survive.

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