Know Your Hardware Specifications For Tablet PCs Before You Buy

So you’ve finally decided on investing in a Tablet PC, you’re finally sold on the value which one of these electronic mobile devices can offer you. You have conducted your research on the various costs, types, manufacturers and sizes. You most likely narrowed it down between an iPad 2 and one of the Google Honeycomb or the Icecream Sandwich OS variants.

So what you need to do is breakdown the technical features of these devices, know all of the basic specifications which will help you in determining which one …

The Tablet PC War Is Like Bringing A Pea Shooter To A Gun Fight

the android-amazon-tablet pcIf you decide to do battle against the Big Apple, it can be a waste of time. The only weapon, the only solution that these Tablet PC manufacturers has is their price point. Shortly after HP decided to have their Black Friday in August garage sale on the Touchpad for $99, Lenovo quietly unveiled their version of the tablet PC, which is expected to retail for around $200.

Amazon may eventually put up the biggest fight as details are emerging about their highly anticipated Amazon Kindle Android Tablet PC, …

The Tablet PC War And Revolution Is Beginning… Really!

apple googletabletmobilepcchoicesThere are expected to be close to 50+ tablet PC mobile devices which will be flooding the consumer market very soon in 2011. These tablet PC devices are quickly becoming the modern day PC, most likely replacing the netbook and competing with the laptop and perhaps even the desktop.

The tablet PC when it first hit mainstream with the introduction of the Apple iPad is going to undoubtedly revolutionize the computing world, and 2011 is slated to be year. Although it’s not really surprising that Apple is the market leader …