How To Overcome Procrastination Before It’s Too Late

Procrastination is the conscious voluntary postponement of a task which needs to be done, usually vital or unpleasant. This at times against ones better judgment. Once someone procrastinates, what they’re doing is delaying something that’s pressing, which can become detrimental in the future.

There are some who procrastinates, claim they do so because they perform better when under pressure, so they choose to delay.

Another excuse is they may need that last moment push of a pending deadline, to get focused.

The clinical definition of procrastination, is it’s a negative …

How Not Procrastinating Can Lead To A Path Of Accomplishment

to connect with peopleWhat most want is to be perfect, and will then procrastinate since being a perfectionist doesn’t offer the capacity of either starting or finishing a certain task, this since they think the outcome won’t ever live up to their expectations.

For those who are impulsive, they procrastinate since they can’t nail down or focus on any one issue or project at a time. It’s the “shiny new object” syndrome of procrastination. They have too many things on the go at once, or will suddenly create new ones on the fly, …