Using QR Codes For Businesses To Attract Mobile Users

smartphonescanning a qrcodeSo surely by now you’ve most likely seen those square usually black and white checkered boxes which look like crossword puzzles. They are known as QR Codes (Quick Response). You should be able to easily spot them since they’re popping up everywhere. You can find them on newspaper ads, magazine ads, they’re displayed on T-shirts, coffee mugs, sidewalk billboards, brochures and posters, mall kiosks, business cards, menus, email signatures, Web pages, absolutely everywhere.

But some are wondering what they exactly are and what purpose they serve. For businesses or website …

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What Are QR Codes And Why Do I Need This For My Business

smartphone scanning a _QR_codeSo you’re a savvy consumer walking through the mall or down the shopping district of your city, and you notice something that’s intriguing to you in the window. You see a huge black and white checkered square which looks like a crossword puzzle. Right next to it, there’s a sign on the window which reads, “This Is The Best Thing That You’ll Do Today.”


So you being a smartphone owner, whip out your mobile phone, open up the QR (Quick Response) code reader app and then aim the smartphone …

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