Why A High IQ Isn’t Always The True Measurement When It Comes To Success

Almost everyone would correlate the intelligence of someone, to the well-known testing measurement that’s known as Intelligence Quotient, or IQ. This once there’s discussion on how brilliant someone appears to be. The definition of intelligence, is how fast or efficient an individual is able to mentally or physically solve a problem, correctly.

What intelligence involves is the process of logical thinking, the thought process of a person being able to analyze a problem or situation through its entirety, and be accurate about it. To never generalize, assume, or speculate.

Intelligence …

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5 Ways How You Can Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

It’s been proven time and time again that in the real world, it’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that’s more important rather than a high IQ, which propels individuals to succeed in life.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to function better in any social or work related situation by understanding, and then comprehending, managing, and reacting, to be able to concisely convey ones thoughts.

When it comes to employment readiness and performance, this according to the various Employment Talent Agencies available, those who display better overall work performance will generally possess higher …

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