The Time Is Now To Make Your Presence Felt In Mobile Marketing

using mobile marketingMobile devices are literally a physical pain in the neck. Time will only tell the physiological medical issues on the spine which will arise later in life, as you see everyone hunched over looking at their smartphones. It’s become an epidemic of technological introverts who would rather text, than talk to a real live person.

What’s become prevalent with mobile is browsing the web, taking selfies, and playing with the latest apps or online games, all on a 5 inch smartphone screen. This mobile revolution, it’s convenience is now moving …

Reasons Why You Should Ramp Up Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

why you need to go mobileKnow that there’s a new revolution going on right now in technology, and that’s mobile. First there were the clunky slow desktop computers, then laptops, the availability of fast wireless Internet connection, and now everyone’s shifting towards mobile.

Now practically everyone has a smartphone or tablet in hand, ready and alert to surf the Internet wherever they may be, ready to receive and text others or phone anyone, this in an instance. They also take photos, play games, while using the latest apps.

The mobile revolution has promptly arrived, and …

How To Take Advantage Of Location Based Mobile Marketing

someone who is shopping on their smartphoneRegardless of what type of mobile device that’s being used, the numbers are staggering and on the increase when it comes to consumers who are now browsing the Web, this usually on their smartphones. This occurs when they’re out of their homes.

They could be at their office, sipping a latte, walking somewhere on the city streets, while they’re continuously searching and browsing for local businesses, services, or coupons on the Internet.

Not only do these consumers use their smartphones to locate businesses, they’re also using them while they’re directly …

Since Mobile Apps Are The Next Big Thing Where Do I Start

taking advantage of the new mobile app marketIn a few short years, it’s expected that there will be more mobile device users than there will be desktop users, which isn’t really a surprise. So the early entry marketers who are getting in now are capitalizing on the expected “Gold Rush” before the masses flood the market.

There’s currently a massive wave which is altering the Web landscape and changing everything that you thought and knew about Internet marketing. The perfect storm of mobile sites, mobile apps, and online marketing has created a huge opportunity.

The numbers are …