The Mystery Of Dreaming: 9 Theories Why We Dream What We Do

We all enjoy dreaming for the most part, as what they can project is a vision, a prediction of the future. More often the things we wish for in our life. A dream is the minds way of inner self communication and hope, at times a bit bizarre or symbolic.

Dreaming is described as an outlet for suppressed emotions, combined with a reflection of our personality.

Dreams can become dark and moody at times once we’re stressed out or exhausted.

This occurs once we’re attempting to cope with a difficult …

Top 9 Most Common Dreams And What They Symbolize

Dreaming for the most part is something we all enjoy. Some say dreams is our lives from another dimension, or an alternate universe. When we’re dreaming, these dreams are a series of rapid random thoughts, or flashes of vivid images while we’re sleeping.

What a dream does, is reveals a lot about the current state of our lives and personality. A standard average dream, only lasts around 20 minutes. The individual can also have various versions of dreaming, on a nightly basis.

While some dreams are extremely rememberable and will …