9 Most Common Dreams And What They Symbolize

Dreaming for the most part is something that we enjoy. Some say dreams is our lives from another dimension, or an alternate universe. When we’re dreaming, they’re a series of random thoughts, or flashes of images while we’re sleeping.

What a dream does, is reveals a lot about the current state of our lives and personality. A standard average dream, only lasts around 20 minutes. The individual can also have various versions of dreaming, on a nightly basis.

While some dreams are extremely vivid, and will remain with you once waking, the majority of them, you’ll have little or at times no recall about what the dream was about.

The reason why most of them aren’t remembered, is because the specific area of the brain that’s assigned to retain information, is inactive during the dreaming process.

Dreams are thought to be in monochrome, black and white, and usually features those people or places that you already know in real life and are familiar with. It’s thought to be rare that you dream of strangers that you haven’t met.

9. Dreams Of The Sense Of Flying

dreams that you are flying
This is thought to be a type of compensating dream. When you dream of yourself flying, which is obviously impossible for humans to do in real life, what it may signal is that you’re attempting to escape your current life circumstances, or a situation. That you are leading an unhappy or unsatisfactory life, and are wanting to escape.

Or, what you’re living is the type of life that you want, through your dreams. At times, it can also have a completely different meaning, one that you’re on top of things in your life and because of that you’re soaring. You think that you’re more superior than others, and are confident that you’ll rise above any and all difficult circumstances.


8. Dreams Of Always Being Late

dreams of always being late
What you constantly dream of, is being late for an important meeting, appointment or an exam. Or you dream that you fail that exam pretty badly. What this generally means, is that there’s work related stress and anxiety that’s building up in your life.

It could be that your current workload may be too heavy, and that you’re unable to cope with it properly. You can also be overwhelmed, or frightened about your work day ahead. You may have also missed an important opportunity recently, when you symbolically dream that you’re about to miss a bus or a train.

7. Dreaming Of Pregnancy Or Becoming Pregnant

dreaming of pregnancy or becoming pregnant
If you’re a male, and you dream of pregnancy, the reason for this may be that you’re either seeking or wanting the same sense of control, that your partner has in the relationship, as she has the ability to reproduce. It could also be something completely unrelated, such as starting a new business.

When a female dreams of pregnancy or becoming pregnant, it’s giving her a sense of superiority, or a reminder that she has the ability to reproduce, and thus the superior gender because of it. It could also be a signal that there might be good news ahead, or a start of a new beginning.

6. Dreams Of Someone Cheating On You

dreaming that someone is cheating on you
If you dream that your partner or spouse is cheating on you, what it doesn’t necessarily mean is that they’re actually being unfaithful in waking life. What it can symbolize instead, is that you’re just highlighting your own insecurities in life.

You may feel that you’re cheated on, because of some type of recent disappointment, or that you’re wanting to spend more quality time with someone. To eliminate these types of dreams, realize that they’re symbolic, especially if your relationship is rock solid and secure.

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