Why Dancing Is The Best Exercise That Improves The Brain

From an early age what we’re taught is that physical education, staying fit, is just as important as Social Studies or Algebra in school. What the brain and the body does however is usually opposes any type of physical activity.

To set up a life of accomplishment as adults, what we need is to refine a delicate balance in our brains of bodily movement and education, for better living.

What studies show when it comes to physical movement and human health, is it falls into two categories, which reinforces one …

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Why Dancing Is The Best Movement Which Improves The Brain

why dance is good exerciseFrom an early age, we’re taught that physical education, that fitness is just as important as Social Studies or Algebra. This to set up a life of accomplishment, that what we need is to refine a delicate balance in our brains of activity and education for better living.

Studies when it comes to bodily movement and human health falls into two categories, which reinforces one another. That exercising is beneficial, while sitting or being stagnant isn’t that great. Exceptions when it comes to these outcomes does is proves the rule. …

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Further Proof That Exercise Can Deter The Ravages Of Aging

why you need to exerciseIt doesn’t need to be drastic like running a marathon, but just moderate physical activity that’s dedicated, is required for those beginning to age. Exercising reduces the risk of mild cognitive impairment such as memory loss.

If deciding to step it up a notch with a higher intensity based aerobic exercise program, has proven to improve one’s cognitive function further, especially for those experiencing these conditions. It’s known that those with cognitive impairment will eventually develop degrees of dementia.

What’s evident is that physical exercise can protect against these types …

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Why Exercising Becomes Mandatory When Reducing Hypertension

exercising to reduce hypertensionIn the hectic world that we live in, the majority of us are leading a lifestyle which leads to high blood pressure and hypertension. As the population ages, the situation worsens. It’s estimated that close to half of the elderly experiences forms of hypertension.

What having hypertension does is it elevates the odds five fold of having a stroke, developing heart disease or heart failure. The biggest issue being that the majority don’t realize that they have it, this since they don’t feel any symptoms or have any direct pain.…

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