The Adjustment Bureau Movie Review With Preview Trailer

So what does Inception, the Matrix Series and somewhat Hereafter all have in common? They are all movies where you go, what the heck just happened, when you’re filing out of the movie theater. They can be that confusing. These story-lines has too many angles coming at you simultaneously to the point where you need to watch the movie again, just to grasp what the heck happened. The Adjustment Bureau is based on a short story of mind benders, much like Inception. Fortunately the tone of the movie is a lot more lighter.

So in his latest attempt to make himself an all rounded leading Hollywood man, Matt Damon plays an dashing senate candidate who’s life just doesn’t go the way he wants. He’s an everyday man, just waiting for better breaks in his life.

The movie then decides to turn a little North to the weirdness. Also starring is John Slattery of Mad Men, and the consistently odd and wonderful Terence Stamp, who steps in and changes Damon’s life’s path towards what they call the ‘The Plan,’ that’s when fiction turns into fantasy. George Nolfi, who previously worked with Damon in The Bourne Ultimatum, lets he and co-star Emily Blunt, run around New York trying to piece together what’s happening.

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The problem with these types of movies is that the viewer has a hard time to try and keep up with the story’s many threads and story lines, while still trying keeping up with the brisk action pace. This movie may not be much different.

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