The Instant Method On How To Become Happy Within Seconds

That place, that destination called happiness is somewhere that offers you a sense of contentment and peace. It’s the sense of calm and harmony everyone’s ultimately searching for. So why then does this happiness thing appear to be so elusive.

Does it take extraordinary circumstances, the stars aligning, some magical mystical intervention to achieve this giddiness.

It surely must take years of therapy, concentrated guru meditation techniques, or some type of intense out of mind training.

Some however claim all it takes is just a couple of seconds to achieve this state of happiness.

All it takes is less than a minute of applying this technique just few times a day, whenever needed, and you will become brilliantly happy.

It’s understood you could also begin practising this immediately, after learning the core basics of the process.

All this for the never ending pursuit of happiness, and it’s completely free to do.

To some, it may sound too basic if you’re persistently moody, so crack a smile as this method has been proven to work.

Don’t Worry Be Happy… In A Minute

Begin By Asking Yourself – Ask yourself at this very moment, right now, your level of happiness.

Begin by asking “Am I happy right now?” Be completely honest with your answer, and if the answer is “yes,” then you’re done.

Make sure you ask yourself if you’re happy, as many times as you want during the day, as often as you need to.

Always begin by asking yourself this initial question. “Am I happy right now?”

Okay… So You’re Not That Happy – If the answer happens to be “No, I’m not really that happy,” then you need to ask yourself the following question.

“What’s the problem, the obstacle, the blockage or the issue that’s in my way from me being happy?”

Define what the reason is right now, right here at this very moment. What’s preventing me from being happy? What’s making me sad or upset?

For instance, first ask yourself the initial question, “Am I happy?” and if you’re completely honest with yourself, the answer could be “No.


Then ask yourself the second question. “What are the obstacles, the reasons that are in my way from me being happy?”

Keep track of what immediately comes to mind, such as:

“I’m extremely frustrated because I’m late for my meeting, and I’m never late when meeting an important client.”

“The reason I’m late is because my kids were slow to get out of the house today, and as a result I’m behind.”

“Now I’m late and anxious, and I’m not happy because I can’t let this go.”

Ask Yourself If You Can Accept This – Once you ask yourself if you are happy, and you’re not, what are the obstacles that’s blocking this unhappiness?

The final step is asking yourself, “Am I able to accept the reason why? Can I accept my kids were slow today, and as a result I am late, which made me upset.”

The Core Of The Technique

Ask yourself if you can accept the circumstances of you being unhappy right now.

If you can accept that:
You’re late for your meeting because of your kids, which made you miserable… Then like magic, the unhappiness and the angst should begin to dissipate.

Although you’ll still be late, and yes, your kids were slow today, but you’re no longer unhappy or in a bad mood about it any longer.

The reason for this was because you had your self talk, and resolved the issue you are fine.

You’re no longer the anxious wreck you were earlier, since you worked out your angst.

Become Happier In An Instant

You may be thinking this is too simple, too obvious, too basic for it to work. That you’ve been duped reading this so far.

The beauty of this technique as simplistic as it seems, is it does work.

The greatest thing is you can use it as many times a day as you want, whenever you feel yourself getting down or unhappy.

So you’re wondering, what if I happen to answer “No” to “Can I accept this reason why I’m not happy.”

What if the obstacle, the problem is too severe of an issue, and you just can’t accept it.

If this happens, then you need to modify the technique a bit.

If you can’t accept the circumstances for your unhappiness, then ask yourself the following question, “What am I going to do about it?”

What Am I Going To Do About It

Ask yourself what steps you’re willing to take to fix the issue. If it’s extremely daunting, what are the consequences?

“If I’m not able to accept what’s going on, I then need to make a decision on what I’m going to do to change things.”

In the example, you might decide, “I will just call my client and let them know I’m going to be late, and will get there as soon as I can.”

You might also decide to implement a get out of the house earlier plan for your kids, and ask yourself again if you’re happy.

If there is a suitable solution to the obstacle, you can then take these steps to fix it.

If there’s nothing you can do to change the situation or obstacle, or if you’re unwilling to do what it takes, then you’ll need to accept it.

Keep It As Simple As Possible

Most think this technique is too obvious for it to work, too easy in this complicated world we live in, but it’s been proven effective.

Just try it out yourself to experience how powerful it can be.

Keep it simple. Keep asking yourself throughout the day if you’re happy, on the first tinge of sadness or stress.

Once you understand the process, it doesn’t take much to fix the unhappiness and overcome the obstacles.

Then you need to be willing to take action or just accept whatever the situation is.

Realizing this on a moment to moment basis throughout the day, will bring you a sense of empowerment. Begin by asking yourself if you’re happy right now.

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