The Panic Potential Disaster Of Losing Data On Your PC

cloud computing at its bestWhy you should back up your computer. We all understand the concept that is insurance. It can be costly at times but usually recommended or required, but it gives us complete peace of mind since it keeps us safe. So as a result we purchase: home, car, life, or health insurance.

While no one really enjoys paying for the at times high premiums, what we understand is the potential financial devastation which can occur from unforeseen disasters such as an accident, or an untimely health issue.

But this isn’t about insurance. It’s about the one danger area in our lives where all of us are exposed to, posing potentially huge risks both at home and the office. Most of us don’t have the proper coverage, nor let alone even think about the valuable data that’s stored on the hard drives of our computers.

According to reliable industry sources, close to 44% percent of all computer owners will somehow lose some form of data information such as their photos, music, videos, or documents, for one reason or another.

What can also be expected is these incidents to increase as we all become more dependent on our electronic devices, specifically our computers on a daily basis. After all, we now store practically everything that’s important to us on our hard drives.

This data includes all of the transfers of precious valuable photos taken from our cameras or smartphones, our extensive music collections on mp3, videos, and our work related or financial documents.

How Secure Is Your Computer
What can inevitably happen, the worst that can occur is that our hard drives can crash, or it can pick up a nasty virus, and the data becomes compromised. So unless you have a program to routinely back up all of this data on a regular basis to an external source, the loss of this information can be permanent.

In some cases, you may be able to retrieve and somehow restore bits of the data if you’re fortunate. But attempting to do so can potentially cost you more than what the computer itself is worth, not to mention the frustration and time that it takes. But the worst is the information could be lost forever.

Performing Preventative PC Maintenance
But there is fortunately an easy and affordable way of preventing this mishap by getting your computer protected, and there’s a growing number of individuals who are wisely choosing to go this route.

These solutions are also now extremely easy to use as well as being affordable. So there’s really no point or reason to exposing yourself to these potential digital disasters, this when you can completely protect yourself.

One of the most popular and cost effective plans is a piece of software that’s offered by MyPCBackup. In a few easy steps, this solution can effectively protect you from any type of information loss.

Why Online Data Backup Works
Since this is regarded as one of the best solutions available, you can begin by signing up for a free MyPCBackup account, and then download the software solution onto your computer.

Once installed, what it does is it’ll automatically search for and will find all of your: music, photos, videos, documents, and any other irreplaceable files that you want to save, this regardless where they may be located on your hard drive.

Then what it’ll do is compress and encrypt this data, then copy and safely transfer all the files to their remote MyPCBackup data center. This is cloud computing at work, and at its best.

What About New Data On Your Computer
After the software has been installed, and as you continue to create new files, add new photos, videos, and documents, etc. what MyPCBackup will do is work silently in the background, backing up, and storing all this new information for safe storage.

It’s completely hands-off on your behalf, so you could continue working on your computer, or do your online activities. You also have immediate access to all of your stored data anytime that you want, which is accessible via any Web browser, including your portable devices such as your smart phone or tablet.

There’s no need for using additional hardware such as a portable flash hard drive, and there’s no need to send yourself huge email attachments of data for storage or retrieval.


You’re Completely Protected
If you do ever happen to lose any data off your computer beyond this point, get hacked, or have some type of an accident, you can now completely restore all of your data quickly, efficiently, and exactly to how it was based on the latest backup that it did.

You can also restore just a single file, a complete set of files, or your entire hard drive if it ever becomes lost or damaged.

This method of secure digital backup on the “cloud” is the wave of the future. So for just a few dollars per month, what MyPCBackup provides is a service which offers complete security and convenience.

You can begin immediately as what they offer is a free trial to try it out, so you can then test drive the service and realize how easy and convenient it is to use. All this before you choose to purchase it. There’s also no credit card that’s required for the initial trial.

Avoid Losing The Data On Your Computer
Everyone at one time or another has experienced and knows the pure panic which arises once you accidentally delete or lose a file which becomes irretrievable, this always at the most inopportune times.

Also, imagine losing a lifetime collection of your family photos or your favorite music or videos, which can be lost in an instance, gone forever because of not doing a backup. Fortunately, with the service that MyPCBackup provides, these issues can forever be avoided.

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