Top 10 Supernatural Powers That Every Human Wish They Had

7. Astral Projection

Astral projection involves the ability to separate ones spirit from their body, and then travel vast distances, this just by using their mind. Because of the nature of this paranormal power, evidence is only gathered based exclusively on the testimony of the person who’s experiencing it. There has however been several documented cases from those coming out of a coma, who were able to precisely describe objects which were located in other parts of the hospital, or other buildings in the area.

6. Bilocation

What this implies is that a person is able to be in two places at one time. As a result, bilocation is extremely viewed with skepticism, this even by parapsychologists. It’s claimed that bilocation is more an ancient phenomenon which has been practiced or experienced by prophets, mystics, priests, saints, and other magical adepts. Those who support bilocation suggests this is the reason why some will appear to their loved ones, just moments prior to their death.

5. Precognition

Precognition is predicting the future, and considered a form of ESP, which allows a person to foresee future events which would be impossible to predict with the information that’s presented or available. There are instances where those with precognitive powers, has accurately predicted a future event. However, science and skeptics remain reluctant to accept this ability, particularly because it’s usually impossible to do a demonstration on demand.

4. Postcognition

Postcognition is the polar opposite process of precognition, which refers to seeing events which has already occurred, but not known to that person. Along with psychometry, this particular paranormal gift is utilized by police departments once they need additional help solving difficult crimes. Even though there’s been a number of cases which have been solved by employing postcognition, skeptics consider it a hoax, this because the person may already be familiar with some of the details, or just uses common sense.