10 Superpowers Every Human Can Potentially Possess

Everyone wants to exceed their fellow human being, to be more superior and have some type of superpower. Athletes in professional sports for instance, are paid handsomely because of some special ability, as they display subhuman performance with their speed, determination, and agility.

Then there are some who are thought to be born with paranormal abilities, which sounds weird, since they’re of a supernatural nature.

There’s scientific proof however, there are people who display certain abnormal set of “skills” that can’t be explained, which sounds like science fiction or a carnival magic act.

Psychic ability has been frowned upon for centuries, as many consider them to be spooky, evil, or a scam. Like it or not, they do exist.

10. Pyrokinesis

Pyrokinesis is the ability to start or put out fires at will, and thought to be the explanation when it comes to spontaneous human combustion, which is a very real occurrence. Although many see the ability to control fire as a hoax, there are numerous known instances that prove pyrokinesis does occur. A well documented case is a 3 year old girl, who was able to who incinerate her pillows in front of astonished witnesses.

9. Extra Sensory Perception ESP

What ESP refers to is a person who reveals unknown information without using their five senses. There’s a shroud of doubt which surrounds this ability, because of the method that’s used when testing this power, which are the infamous Zenar cards. Someone who’s presumed to have ESP, is required to guess the card patterns using the power of their mind. Skeptics think guessing the patterns correctly isn’t supernatural, but it’s rather just calculating or guessing the 1 to 5 odds.

8. Clairvoyance

Similar to telepathy, what clairvoyance does is implies communicating with others, this without using their primary senses, or without exchanging information. Those who are opponents to this remains skeptical because what clairvoyants claim, is that they get their information from the spirit world. Nonetheless, there’s been numerous instances where clairvoyants revealed information only the person knew, such as from deceased relatives.