Top 10 Supernatural Powers That Every Human Wish They Had

3. Psychometry

Although considered controversial, what some police departments also use are practitioners of psychometry, this to find out more details regarding a person of interest. What psychometry refers to is the ability to gain information from objects which belonged to a person, such as a watch or hat, etc. Psychometry is often used as a sideshow, where participants will offer one of their personal effects, and then get a “reading” from a medium or a psychic.

2. Telepathy

Telepathy garners a lot of attention from the media along with Hollywood producers. What it implies is the ability to communicate with others by just using the mind. Some consider telepathy as being a form of extra sensory perception. The ability to communicate this channel can take on a variety of forms, such as getting a phone call from a person just when you were about to phone them. It could be the feeling that something’s wrong, that someone’s watching you, or the urge to change your current course of action to avoid danger.

1. Telekinesis

What telekinesis refers to is the ability to move or manipulate objects using the power of the mind, something that everyone could use. What’s resulted are a number of shams, attempting to teach people how to develop becoming telekinetic. Science doesn’t generally classify this as being paranormal, while the public sees it as a circus act. According to psychologists, the biggest danger is those who believes they actually possess such powers.