10 Things To Never Say To Your Boyfriend If He’s The One

The theory is men generally aren’t as emotional as women are, that the macho male can generally absorb more verbal and behavioral abuse than women can. That the dude can deal and rationalize with disappointment better.

Having said that, there’s a line women should never cross, this regardless of how tough or alpha their man appears on the exterior.

He’s still the vulnerable little boy when mistreated, especially if he loves you, particularly if he considers you his life partner.

While insults or rejection from strangers or acquaintances will usually brush right off him, but “opinions” coming from someone who’s important to him does matter, and the wounds can run deep.

10. Never Start A Conversation With “We Need To Talk”

This stereotypical phrase isn’t a good starting point, particularly if you have something serious to talk about.

What it does is instantly forces him to be on the defensive, and may counteract everything you say, instead of he listening to your point of view.

So never start a conversation by saying “we need to talk.” Instead, approach him as casually as possible, gradually steering the discussion to what you’re wanting to say.

9. Never Say He’s Insecure

Everyone at one time or another feels insecure, which can potentially turn into jealously. Once you tell your partner he’s too insecure, doing so can trigger an argument that might not always end well.

What will usually happen is he’ll attempt to prove how secure he is to feed his ego, by flipping the table and will attempt to make you jealous. This contest can then turn into a full blown argument.

8. Never Tell Him He’s Immature

Similar to insecurity, constantly telling him he’s being immature can become annoying to him, because you’re coming across like you’re his mom.

True, he may stop the behavior and become quiet and somber, but he’ll build resentment towards you, as you’re attempting to control him.

He’ll then stop having fun with you, but instead may continue his so called “immature” behavior behind your back, perhaps with someone who he considers more fun and outgoing, male or female.

7. Constantly Turning Down His Offers To Help

What men have is a natural nurturing instinct, which makes him feel unwanted or useless if you continue to constantly refuse their help.

Even though you consider yourself independent and self-sufficient, you need to acknowledge being in a relationship, is different from being single.

He’s not trying to earn sexual favors when offering assistance, and even if he is, that’s not always a bad thing. Your constant rejection, makes him think you consider him incapable of handling simple tasks.

6. Constantly Minimizing His “Performance”

Similar to comparing your current partner with a previous boyfriend you’ve had, verbally telling him others you’ve previously dated were considerably better, does is places a firm wedge in your relationship.


So instead of complaining about his poor sexual performance for instance, try addressing and mending the issue in a more mature manner, this of course if you consider “he’s the one” and you’re wanting to stay together.

5.Never Insult Him Publicly

What men can do is accept various degrees of verbal abuse, but never push it too far to the point you violate his ego. The image he portrays and what others think of him is important to him.

The worst possible way is to humiliate or embarrass him in front of his friends or family, on something you know will demean his persona.

4. Never Ask For An Introduction To His Male Friend

If you’re interested in one of his friends, and he isn’t famous such as an athlete or a musician you admire, never ask him for an introduction to meet him.

Things will become rapidly ice-cold between you and your beau on a hot steamy night, once you appear extremely excited meeting one of his friends.

Never flirt publicly in front of him for others to see, as the odds increases you’ll be taking the taxi home alone, or with the other guy.

3. Never Compare Him To Your “Ex”

Never reminisce about all of the good times you had with your ex-partner, as these comparisons is one thing men just dread. It just tells him he doesn’t measure up or you’re still hooked on the “other” guy.

Realize he’s your “ex” and you’re no longer together because things obviously didn’t work out for you.

What’s okay us to compliment your current partner by comparing his better assets to your ex, but never the other way around.

2. Never Hint He’s A Loser

Men still traditionally want to assume the role of being the breadwinner, that they are successful when it comes to their chosen career. They want to prove they have the capability of earning money, just as much or more than you.

So if he’s currently going through a rough patch economically, don’t blame him, call him lazy or a loser, because doing so might just be the final blow for him.

What constant failure does is reminds him he may of made a few mistakes in his life, and he doesn’t want you to confirm it.

1. Never Complement His Peers

What men will do, is constantly compete and compare themselves with one other, on almost everything they do.

So if you happen to tell your partner you find one of his friends interesting, doing so is a huge mistake, especially if he lacks similar or certain qualities.

Despite how attracted you may be towards that other person, always avoid making any type of comment or show obvious interest that might feed your mans insecurity or inadequacies.

The only complement you should be giving, are the traits both he and his friend shares or have in common. This provided you want to stay with your current guy.

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