Which Bouquet Of Flowers Will Make Her Heart Sway?

The ancient Egyptians are considered to be the first to use flowers as symbols of love. What a trend they set thousands of years later, flowers are still at the top of the charts for gifts of love. Love is a hugely broad category, and fortunately, so are flower varieties. Love can be expressed as friendship, as intense passion, as filial, and any relationship in which respect and care are the foundation. Thus, when choosing flowers to send to whomever your feelings bend to, and in whatever degree of love, there are flowers that are appropriate. Beyond your feelings for the lady or man, consider her or his feelings the type of person receiving the flowers is more important than the meaning of flowers, as interpretations differ, and while you may be passionately in love with a girl who loves nature, she may prefer simple ivy to red roses. In addition to the personality, flowers can wonderfully complement a lifestyle. Take note of the type of surroundings, colors and style of those you love, and they will be impressed by your sensitivity to what they love. When thought goes into a bouquet, the gift takes on a new meaning, and will be remembered long after the blossoms end blooming.

Picking The Right Flowers
First on the list in choosing your bouquet is to know what you want to say in giving it. If you are giving the bouquet to one who is cheerful and charming, and your relationship is innocent, chrysanthemums or daisies convey this message. If you are falling in love, but it is still quite playful and the tone is not too serious yet, hyacinth is an option. These bright flowers themselves are playful, with a strong, intoxicating smell. This sums up the first stages of love for many couples! If you intend to give flowers to one who is modest, violets wont hurt anyone’s modesty. If anything, a tad of modesty may be lost in receiving such a gift of understated elegance. When we are giving flowers for romantic purposes, do not feel limited to red or pink roses. In addition to the gorgeous rose, other romantic contenders include tulips, lilacs, wildflowers, and orchids. If finally, after all the years of motherly love, you wake up one day wanting to acknowledge mum for all that shes done, pink carnations are an especially interesting choice, as they represent a mothers undying love. According to legend, carnations stemmed from the tears of Mary as she watched Jesus carry the cross. Thus, in giving carnations to mother, you are recognizing the years of undying love that she has given to you!

What Do Flowers Mean?
While flowers traditionally have their own language and meaning, do not feel limited to flower language when choosing a bouquet. Often far more pertinent to your life is the personality of the person receiving the bouquet. Starting with the eternally beloved drama queens (and kings) in our lives, the flowers they receive should represent their fiery personalities. Best for the dramatic one is a bouquet of bold colors in a sharp, non-traditional vase. Perhaps a metallic square vase is in line here. While pleasing an artist aesthetically may seem a mission impossible, lean towards exotic flowers. Their rarity will please the artistic eye, and if you ask the florist to recommend some flowers of uncommon shapes, this will be even better eye candy for the artist. The free-spirited and natural will love that which reminds them of being outdoors: green and flowering plants, with some spicy smells added to take the imagination away from contemporary life. A classic beauty will like a traditional arrangement of lush and various flowers, while the romantic will enjoy softness in both colors and fragrance, with ribbons decorating the bouquet.

Beyond personality, if you are looking for a more creative way to please, choose the bouquet based on other factors, such as color or home interior. Knowing her favorite color, and giving her a bouquet with that color as the focus will make any flower that much more appreciated. If you are going to an event, be it a ball or an anniversary dinner, figure out the color of her dress beforehand, and order a bouquet that will match or complement the dress. Even if it wont go out with the two of you, it will look great in any pre-photos. Did grandma buy new curtains that shes extremely proud of? How touched she will be when you give her a bouquet that complements her beautiful new curtains (no matter what your opinion of them!). The general style of an apartment or house can be considered. Dont feel you have to buy a huge gushing bouquet if the apartment where the flowers are heading is minimalist and contemporary. Florists are artists, and they can make a bouquet as different as you ask for.

Flowers Are A Girls Best Friend
Of course, with all the meaning that flowers can take on, most important, and most pleasing to the recipient, will be the flowers that have personal meaning. If, on your first date strolling through St. James Park, you pinched a tulip to impress your girl, this may be the most romantic flower to you as your relationship progresses. Guidelines are always guidelines, but life experience should be what marks and makes our own guidelines. Do remember that whatever the flower, you can always add to its importance by choosing a color she loves. Still, knowing the traditional meanings of flowers helps you decide what message you want to convey in giving flowers. Knowing his or her personality and lifestyle will add to making a bouquet unique to that person. Thus, when choosing flowers, there is no right or wrong, but the more thought you put into the bouquet; the longer it will be cherished and remembered.