10 Reasons To Be Single Than In A Relationship

What everybody dreams of is finding their “soulmate,” that one special person who they can share their life with. Surely, that’s one of life’s true pursuits and obligations, as being in a relationship is one of the best things that can happen and expected of you.

However, most find out that can be an illusion, as being single has its advantages. Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely, as to many it spells relief and freedom.

There are a number of individuals, this by choice, who are single and are extremely happy and satisfied with their lives, this by not being locked into this thing called commitment.

10. Focus More On Career

Other than a relationship, being successful professionally is a close second as a goal in life. What relationships come with are additional responsibilities which affects career aspirations. If you’re single, you can focus on your career intently. You can invest all your time in work, this to get ahead and get that promotion. Attempting to balance a personal and professional life becomes more difficult.

9. Personal Self Empowerment

When you’re in a relationship, it’s you and your partner together making all the decisions, and not just you, decisions you might not always completely agree with. Making weekend plans need the approval of your partner. You can’t make plans for that road trip or holiday without their agreement. Even the minor decisions such as what’s for dinner tonight. Single people are empowered, complete masters of their own life.

8. Get Better Sound Sleep

Sharing your living space with someone, can at times become troublesome, sharing your bed often being the worst. Being single allows the freedom of the unbearable snoring and sweating which interrupts your sleep. Those in relationships often also don’t enjoy the whining and complaining at midnight, cutting in their beauty sleep. When single, just do the romp and then kick them out of bed.