Insubstantial Reasons Why You Aren’t As Happy As You Should Be

what-is-happinessIt appears that this thing called happiness is right there, just out of your grasp, this regardless of how hard you try, to enjoy and feel good about yourself. It may feel that others have this happiness thing solved, yet you appear out of the squared circle. What it comes down to, is a small shift in attitude.

The biggest setback is that what you expect is perfection from yourself and others, but know that you’re not even close to that. You think that you’re better than you actually are. You know that your erratic spouse and dysfunctional kids are far from perfect. Once you realize when and how things went wrong in your life, is the beginning.

Realize perfection is a myth when it comes to humans. There are just a few things in life which ever turns out as expected, perfectly. If something does work out right, keep in mind that you’re still an imperfect individual.

Imperfection is what balances out life, making it fair yet volatile. What advantage thrives on is others making mistakes, as error is inevitable, and what makes people human.

You Always Have A Choice
You feel you’re spinning your wheels, the issues at work, your kids constantly complaining, the same chronic money issues which persists every month. The first step is attempting to change something about your circumstances.

If you’re not able to change something, you can at least change how you feel about it. Once you change even just one little thing in your life, your entire world can potentially shift.

At times, it becomes difficult to make changes because doing so means taking a risk, altering your life, possibly losing something. But if you don’t change, you’re not getting better.

Happiness Instead Of Meaning
Those who claim they’re genuinely happy describes it as being content, while finding peace and meaning in their lives. Being happy doesn’t extend beyond that, so you may need to change your personal definition of it.

Happiness isn’t that fake smile or feeling giddy every day. Happiness means giving back to your friends, family, and your community. Having intent, working for a cause that you believe in.

You Depend On Others
Life isn’t perfect as it has its faults. What most will do is attempt to fill these faults with the approval and love of others, thinking they’re not complete without them.

Instead, attempt to fill these holes on your own, then people will just become accessories. Become complete by exercising, mediation, self-reflection, and you’ll slowly become happier.

Too Much Baggage
What clutter does is increases anxiety, as all it does is weights you down. Apply some tough love on yourself and decide if you really need those unnecessary things in your life.

Begin by sorting out all your physical clutter that you have in your home, while allowing meditation to rid of the excess clutter in your mind.

You’re Always Jealous Or Envious
The main reason why most will constantly struggle with insecurity, is because they compare themselves to the “highlight” reel of others.

What you see on the Internet, especially on social media is how perfect people are, and you compare yourself to them. You fail to see their imperfections, their daily struggles, and the challenges they have being human.

Constantly Focusing On Negatively
Thinking something bad is about to happen to you, influences the outcome. What’s usually forgotten, is you have a choice on what to think, what to focus on.

If a car passes by you and splashes you while walking to work, you can curse the driver, that you’re unlucky, or you can say to yourself, “that’s life,” and carry on with your day.


It’s your choice what you think and how you react, so choose to think of things which makes you feel better. The next time that you have a negative thought, visualize a hand stopping you.

Change that negative thought into a positive one. The more that you’re mindful of this, the more that your brain automatically thinks positive thoughts.

You Never Have Fun
Once things become too serious, learn to take a time out to relax and find some humor in the situation. What most think is that being serious means being solemn. Realize that to learn anything, the information needs to be presented in the “funniest” way possible.

This is the reason why life lessons or human tragedy when presented as comedy in cinema, resounds the best. See the humor in everything that happens in your life, regardless of how dour.

Chemical Brain Neurotransmitters
What’s now known is that those who experiences anxiety, moodiness, ADHD, and other related issues, is because of low levels of “happy” neurotransmitters in the brain.

Therapy is found to be the most effective and easiest treatment for these issues, this combined with exercise, which accelerates the process, which you can effectively do on your own.

Just Exercise More
The key to happiness appears to be increasing the levels of certain chemicals in the brain, this to naturally inject what’s needed to feel a lot better about yourself.

This is when regular and routine exercise comes in, as what doing so does is increases these low levels of the key neurotransmitters in the brain, notably dopamine and serotonin.

Once you begin to increase these neurotransmitters, what’s then instantly decreased are the negative feelings. It’s found that even just exercising for 30 minutes a day, makes you feel better.

The most convenient ways to get more exercise is by walking, taking the stairs, going to the gym during lunch, going for a bike ride or jog before work. What doing so does is forces you to think less about somber issues, which makes you happier.