10 Types Of People To Avoid When Looking For A Relationship

Dating obviously is not an exact science, it’s not a mathematical formula to find the right partner. Initially, it’s more hit and miss like throwing darts.

The end result for men once they’ve found that perfect woman who matches exactly what they want, is they’ll never want to be alone by themselves ever again. Or their eyes will never stray away.

But until you start a relationship, it doesn’t reveal his or her true nature, and that this seemingly perfect “soulmate” begins to show imperfections, which doesn’t fit or follow a predefined pattern.

Since dating is the reveal period of any relationship, what’s usually discovered are certain issues, nuances you wouldn’t have expected by just seeing them.

From a male standpoint, there are several “types” of women that should be avoided.

10. Strong Willed Feminist Beliefs

Perhaps the most difficult thing to do, is to get a female with strong feminist attributes to go out with you in the first place.

But if that happens, it can often turn out to be a bad, at times even a frightening experience.

The reason being, you’ll usually end up on the receiving end of scathing criticism, while you’re solely defending the male species.

This once you dare to attempt to demean the female gender in any slight way, or diminish the role the modern woman plays in this equality world we live in.

Dating can then resemble a war zone of the sexes, on who’s the better gender, and you might leave with an inferiority complex.

9. Constantly Talking

What most men enjoy is dating a sociable woman, who’s capable of conducting a conversation. What no one enjoys however is a chatterbox, who constantly gossips nonstop, about everyone and everything.

The relationship however, might appear to work out several times in succession when first dating, especially if you’re the quiet type.

It may eventually become annoying, quickly, because of this one way dialect. The sheer fact she rambles non-stop rapid fire, about the first thing that comes to her mind.

What she ate for breakfast, what her cat ate for breakfast, her work day, you begin to tune out and scream for earplugs.

8. Indentifying Gold Diggers

This profile has been stereotyped numerous times in movies, TV and on the news.

This is a beautiful young woman, who gets involved in a relationship with someone who’s at times twice her age, who happens to be incredibly wealthy.


An obvious mismatch when seen in public. It doesn’t usually end well for the man.

She shows far too much interest in your work, your business and your bankroll, and if you don’t qualify, then she’s gone in a flash and on to her next “mark.”

The only wad that this woman is interested in, is your money.

7. The Snobbish Elitist

Those brilliant elitist women, can be considered the opposite of the not so brilliant but beautiful “bimbo” type of date.

What you will constantly feel, is embarrassed once she says something that’s way over your head, and you feel like a dunce.

She’s constantly talking down to you, about nuclear physics or whatever, and then may become condescending.

Since a successful relationship revolves around the mutual understanding of both parties, and if you’re not on par with her, save the embarrassment and avoid her.

6. Women Who Cheat

If you’re wanting or planning to get involved with a woman, who’s currently either married or already in a relationship, and she wants to date you because she’s not “satisfied,” then beware.

If and when she does become single again, then the chances are good she’ll remain the same, and will eventually cheat on you as well.

Even though this might not always be the case, but more often than not, that’s the reason why her previous relationships didn’t work out.

Since she’s willing to have a relationship with you while still being attached, all what you’re accepting, is the risk you might get hurt yourself.

5. Way Too Emotional

The reason why you should avoid women who gets too emotional, who constantly resorts to tears to get what she wants, is because it’s a form of manipulation.

She most likely uses this tactic intentionally, to control the situation. Some call it emotional blackmail.

Going out with someone who constantly uses crying as a weapon, means you’ll be forced to ward off at times embarrassing and obnoxious moments.

This both privately and especially in public, as the relationship becomes an annoying one sided sob story.

4. Constantly Looking For An Argument

Although it’s a fact all couples will have arguments on occasion, as they’re impossible to avoid. What you should look out for, is if she’s constantly aggravated and angry at something at all times.

She becomes upset and is looking to pick a fight for no reason at all. The good news is, these types of women are easy to spot, this because they’re easily offended.

She might suddenly start an argument out of the blue, this as soon as during the first few dates.

Over time, the attacks become worse and won’t cease, and it’s guaranteed you can’t win.

3. Not That Brilliant But Beautiful

This is the polar opposite to the “elitist” brilliant women. All men are initially tempted and drawn in by the physical beauty of a woman first, but this can only go so far.

After awhile, after a few dates, you discover she isn’t able to carry on an intellectual conversation, then her beauty becomes secondary.

What results, is this beautiful physical specimen, is prone to constantly misunderstanding or not knowing what you’re talking about, and will come up with her own interpretations.

Over time, her beauty doesn’t compensate for the boredom or the insanity of the misinterpretations, and the embarrassing moments. She doesn’t improve or care because she doesn’t need to.

2. Obsessed With Marriage

Although the current state of our society appears to be surpassing the once traditional ideals about marriage. There are plenty of women who still remains infatuated with the idea of holy matrimony.

They are desperately wanting to tie the knot. For couples who have been dating for a while, there’s usually nothing wrong with discussing this.

What most young girls will do from a very early age, is plan her marriage to exact detail. This includes the type of house, dog, names of their future children, etc.

But be aware, if you’re looking for a healthy relationship, and she happens to mention the “marriage” word on the first or second date. This even before you get to know one other.

Your best option is to run the other way, unless you feel she may be the “one.” Otherwise, all she wants is to get married, just for the sake of getting married.

1. Becomes Too Clingy Too Quickly

What every man and woman needs is their own “space” to breath, to have freedom on occasion. We all need time for ourselves to be alone and reflect, to get some me time.

What you don’t want, is to get involved with somebody who can’t give you this freedom, especially after the initial dating phase, and you’re officially “seeing” one another.

After a while, he or she begins to send constant and consistent “hey what are you doing?” texts every 30 minutes.

You become reluctant to check social media or the doorbell, because of their continual contact, this for no reason in particular. They’re constantly checking in on you. It might be better to just end the relationship.

These texts, phone calls during the most inopportune visits, has the potential of becoming more persistent over time.

They don’t understand you need your own space and freedom, as they obviously have severe insecurity or trust issues.

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