10 Types Of People To Avoid When Looking For A Relationship

Dating obviously is not an exact science, it’s not a mathematical formula to find the right solution. Initially, it’s more hit and miss like throwing darts. The end result for men once they’ve found that perfect woman who matches exactly what they want, is that they’ll never want to be alone by themselves ever again, or their eyes will never stray away.

But until you start a relationship, it doesn’t reveal his or her true nature, and that this seemingly perfect “soulmate” begins to show imperfections, which doesn’t fit or follow a predefined pattern.

Since dating is the reveal period of any relationship, what’s usually discovered are certain issues, nuances that you wouldn’t have expected, by just looking at them. From a male standpoint, there are several “types” of women that should be avoided.

10. Strong Willed Feminist Beliefs

Perhaps the most difficult thing to do, is to get a feminist to go out with you in the first place. But if that happens, it can turn out to be a bad, at times even a frightening experience. The reason being, you’ll usually end up on the receiving end of scathing criticism, while you’re solely defending the male species.

This once you dare to attempt to demean the female gender in any slight way, or diminish the role that the modern woman plays in this equality world that we live in. Dating can then resemble a war zone of the sexes, on who’s the better gender, and you might leave with an inferiority complex.

9. Constantly Talking

What most men enjoy is dating a sociable woman, who’s capable of conducting a normal conversation. What no one enjoys however is a chatterbox, who constantly gossips nonstop, about everyone and everything. Although the relationship and dating might appear to work out several times in succession when first dating.

It may then eventually become annoying, quickly. The sheer fact that she talks non-stop, rapid fire about the first thing that comes to her mind. What she ate for breakfast, what her cat ate for breakfast, you begin to scream for earplugs.


8. The Gold Diggers

This profile has been stereotyped numerous times in movies, TV and on the news. This is a beautiful young woman, who gets involved in a relationship with someone who’s at times twice her age, who happens to be incredibly wealthy. An obvious mismatch when seen in public.

It doesn’t usually end well for the man. She shows far too much interest in your work, your business and your bankroll, and if you don’t qualify, then she’s gone in a flash and on to her next “mark.” The only wad that this woman is interested in, is your money.

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