Best 2011 Internet Security AntiVirus Software

Our Top Recommended Internet Security AntiVirus Programs 2011

1.) BitDefender Total Security 2011
bitdefender-total-security-build-2011The various antivirus software application developers has recently released their new updated computer anti-virus protection programs for 2011. Amongst one of the best, and our top recommendation is the BitDefender Total Security 2011. This is a complete security suite that will give you the power of anti virus elimination, along with complete internet security and some handy apps. to keep your PC clean.

User Friendly Interface
BitDefender’s Total Security 2010, last years version came out with a highly improved, user-friendly interface. It allowed computer users who has different levels of computer expertise, to easily customize the program to suit their exact needs.

The BitDefender Total Security 2011 package continues to build on those improvements, offering users 3 different user interface options; basic security, intermediate security and expert. These levels are pretty self explanatory, as each level advances to further settings and protection for the user.

Three Different Levels Of Security
In the basic mode, the users are shown a concise easy to understand layout where they can maintain basic antivirus protection with the aid of large and easy to understand buttons and tips. The intermediate and the advanced levels has more security options, and the users are able to change the interface levels whenever they want.

The BitDefender Anti-Virus software is extremely user friendly, especially for novice users,as you can easily set it to display tips and hints on using the program. They also offer video tutorials that you can view, that covers the basics of using the BitDefender antivirus software.

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Offers The Best Protection
The BitDefender Total Security 2011 offers a wide range of security protection options. The application will even scan your system before it’s finished installing onto your computer, to make sure there are no threats already on your PC, that may prohibit the program to install properly. This obviously is a particularly useful feature, as there are new and violent malware that’s introduced daily, designed to infect new anti virus programs.

Once the initial scan has been processed, the program will also look for any previously installed security software of any kind, and then gives the user the option of uninstalling them. This is a very useful feature as unknown programs may be running multiple suspicious security software, which can be harmful and may drastically effect the performance of your PC, or shut it down completely.

The BitDefender program will run a wide variety of virus scans:
– A deep systems scan
– A full systems scan
– A quick systems scan and
– A My Documents scan

Users can also schedule a antivirus scan whenever and anytime they log on to their computer. These scans are also silent and is not resource intensive, allowing you to continue browsing or working on applications while the BitDefender software scans your computer.

The BitDefender Total Security 2011 has also introduced a new Search Adviser function. This has been available on McAfee AntiVirus products for some time. The Search Adviser will display ratings next to Google, Yahoo or Bing search results, based on how secure the site is.

BitDefender Additional Features
Beyond giving computer users the basics security features such as:
– antivirus protection
– antispam protection and
– secure firewall settings

Why You Need AntiVirus Software
antivirusexpertYour computer is susceptible and can be violently attacked and infected at anytime by: trojans, worms, malware, spyware and virus applications that are automatically installed on your computer without you knowing. This can happen if you download anything from suspicious or even legitimate sites. The viruses are created by unscrupulous hackers, and on a daily basis they are capable of violating and infecting thousands of computers every hour. Worms as well as viruses can easily infect and replicate themselves from any computer, while a trojan can hide in any seemingly legitimate application or software program that you download off the net. What can go wrong with your computer once you are infected are endless. The first sign may be unwanted popup advertisements, as well as a significant drop in speed and performance of your computer.

Good Antivirus software will automatically and constantly in real time scan your computer looking for anything suspicious. Once found, the program will either quarantines the malicious virus or completely delete it before it can attack and harm your computer.

Some well scripted viruses can represent a special challenge of detection because they are able to change and mutate on a daily or even hourly basis. For this reason, it’s recommended you install an antivirus program that automatically updates itself when any new threat is discovered. If your current antivirus software isn’t constantly updated, your computer will become vulnerable to these new threats.

To be completely safe, and to potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars to repair your computer, make sure the antivirus program also has a built in firewall as well for the best possible protection.

The Total Security 2011 also has a list of features that makes this program the best in our opinion.

Users will now have access to a more concise and comprehensive parental control, where concerned parents are able to set the level of protection on their kids Windows accounts. Parents can simply select the age of their children from the Parental Control menu and the BitDefender program will take care of the rest. You can also view or save logs of their internet activities as well as receive reports through email. There is also a new built in remote parental control feature, which will allow parents to monitor and configure their child’s Windows account setting from any internet port.


The advanced level privacy controls and vulnerability scanning will let you know which computer programs or applications are posing the biggest security risk to your computer. The vulnerability scan will even advise you if you need to download any new Windows updates. This level will also identify that the autorun function was automatically turned on for all media storage devices. This is a security threat that is continually exploited by malware.

The best feature that sets BitDefender Total Security 2011 apart from the other antivirus programs is the tune-up programs that’s included. These additional applications will help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your computer.

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The Package Includes:
– A disk de-fragmenter
– A PC clean-up utility
– A duplicate files finder
– A registry cleaner
– A registry recovery & file shredder

These utilities are easily accessed from the tune-up menu. Users will also be able to monitor how much RAM that’s currently running the applications.

With these extra features, BitDefender Total Security 2011 goes way beyond what the competition is offering, as far as anti virus programs are concerned. The level of protection that this program delivers is rated among the best in the security industry. Not only will this software program help you keep your computer virus free, it is also user friendly, and comes with detailed instructions. It’s simplified menu interface and video tutorials makes this antivirus program the best of the class.

GET BitDefender Total Security 2011 Value Edition – 3 PC/2 year

Other Recommended AntiVirus Software Programs For 2011

2.) AVG Internet Security 2011
avg-internet-security-build-2011AVG’s new Internet Security Suite 2011 provides your computer multiple layers of protection, by eliminating threats while you surf the internet. This includes protection by:
– scanning all downloads
– monitoring online banking activities
– protection from social networking threats

AVG’s Protective Cloud technology, along with its Community Protection
Network, constantly analyzes and collects the latest threats and risks, and then shares it with the AVG user data base.

The AVG AntiVirus 2011 software program also features full protection for
any sensitive online transactions in the form of a AVG Firewall. It also includes Anti-Spam & Identity Protection, which will keep you safe and secure while on social networking sites.

Scanning speed of the application has also been increased. AVG now claims to be up up to three 3X times faster than any previous versions.

GET AVG Internet Security 3-User 2011

3.) Kaspersky Internet Security Protection 2011
kapersky-internet-security-2011Kaspersky Labs’ has come out with their new security program for 2011, offering the Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. The Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 application keeps users safe while online by providing constant protection for internet users, whether you use online banking, are an avid online game player, or active on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Kaspersky Internet Security’s brand new ‘Safe Surf’ feature will ensure that you will never be exposed to any potential harmful websites while surfing online. Kaspersky has regular database updates of unwanted harmful threats and will automatically warn and block any unsafe sites you come across.

The Smart anti-phishing, as well as the “easy to use” virtual keyboard will also ensure that your online identity, as well as passwords are kept safe. The Parental Control feature also protects your kids by limiting access to unwanted sites. The programs user interface as well as the scanning procedures has been updated for increased user friendliness. Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 is available at.

GET Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 3-User

4.) Norton Internet Security 2011
Norton-Internet-Security-2011The Norton Internet Security 2011 program from Symantec offers you the user, the fastest and the lightest internet security protection available. The System Insight 2.0 software applications steps beyond the simple security alerts, letting users know when other applications have significant impact on their computer systems resources.

There is no more worrying about suspicious downloads as the Download Insight 2.0 app., will protect any files that you’re downloading, regardless of
what type of email client, web browser or program that you’re using.

The concise Norton Internet Security 2011’s trust worthiness reports will let you the user know if your downloads are risky as compared to the other 55 million Norton Community Watch members. The Norton Security programs has always offered a secure and reliable protection system.

Norton Internet Security 2011 – 1 User/3 Pc

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