The Best Natural Methods To Relieve Or Heal Pain In The Body

That unwanted sensation which is bodily pain, is the primary indicator, that there may be something medically wrong. Pain once analyzed clinically, becomes extremely complicated, as it involves a variety of complex causes and processes. Pain is an unpleasant sensation, with an assortment of intensities that are experienced.

Pain usually indicates a certain concern within a person’s body, that should be given immediate attention to. If the pain is persistent, it should always be given the appropriate care, especially if it becomes bothersome or chronic, which reduces the daily functioning of the individual.

To relieve bodily pain, what the medical community continuously searches for, are better more effective methods to treat and reduce the pain. There’s extended and continuous research, on finding new and efficient ways to prevent pain, that we humans experience.

Traditional Healing Powers
Our ancestors, once they felt pain, the treatment that they used for their various illnesses or diseases, were derived from natural sources, which were found in the immediate environment.

Modern day however, most will now rely on synthetic chemicals for cure, which have been developed by various chemists and scientists, to relieve the same pain that were experienced.

Most however, are going back to the previously used forms of natural treatment, as there are usually less side effects. They’re also usually more cost effective, than chemical medicine or drugs. For every pain that the body experiences, there’s usually an effective natural solution.

Salicin White Willow Bark
The extract that’s derived from the bark of the white willow, is widely popular in China, as a cure for relieving bodily pain, as well as for lowering fever. The active ingredient that’s found in white willow bark is salicin, which is converted by the body into salicylic acid.

This type of acid, is known to decrease the levels of prostaglandin in the body, which are substances known to cause pain and inflammation. For this reason, white willow bark has been used to treat a variety of acute and chronic types of pain.

So the next time you experience headaches, backaches, or menstrual cramps, try this extract. The white willow bark has also been acknowledged, to having excellent anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a suitable treatment for arthritis.

The Lobelin Herb
The extract of lobelia, is used as an effective natural muscle relaxant. It’s active ingredient lobelin, is also known to be a reliable source to reduce inflammation and pain.

Native North Americans, were known to chew or smoke lobelia, this more as a preventive measure, or to relieve the bodily pain they felt.

Boswellic Acid Of Boswelia
The purified extract of boswelia, is widely popular in India for its effective anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. What boswellic acid does, is prevents certain chemical reactions from concurring in the body, which would normally lead to inflammation.

Boswelia is especially used by Indian healers, as treatment for bodily pain and inflammation. The same substance is now used as a cure, for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis around the world.

Ginger Root
The extract of the common ginger root, contains an active ingredient known as gingerols, which is extremely similar to capsaicin. Capsaicin, is a well known ingredient found in chili peppers, which is known as an effective pain reliever.

Similar to capsaicin, gingerols has the same effect on pain, and some considered it as an alternative to capsaicin, to relieve pain for certain conditions.

Natural Methods To Reduce Pain

Other than using holistic remedies to relieve pain, there are certain activities which are guaranteed to help in pain relief, this without needing to rely on the medical community. These solutions are either physical or mental. For best results, they should be combined.

What’s often agreed upon by the medical community, is that exercising is excellent for health, this for a variety of reasons. The most important, is that what any type of fitness does, is releases endorphins.


Endorphins are chemicals, which are the body’s natural pain relievers. What they’ll do, is prevent the pain signals from reaching the brain. Then the pain, isn’t felt by the person, or the intensity is lower.

Natural Sweeteners
We all love eating sweets such as cookies, this because it makes us feel better. There’s also a clinical reason for this. What consuming anything sweet, does is lessens or prevents the sensation of pain.

For certain types of pain that’s associated with muscles, especially for those experiencing lower back pain, what stretching can do, is prevent or lessen the pain. Yoga is also helpful.

Enjoy The Sunshine
It’s unanimous that getting vitamin D, helps lessen the impact or perception of pain. What vitamin D also does is helps in the absorption of calcium, for those who needs faster bone repair and growth, this to eliminate pain sooner.

What exposure to the sun, around 15 minutes preferably early in the morning, does is provides the daily requirement of vitamin D. This is why most recommend getting outdoors, and getting some sun.

Adequate Sleep
Getting the appropriate amount of sleep on a nightly basis, is extremely important to the restoration of the bodily system, as well as helping the healing process when in pain.

What’s also known is that you can’t catch-up on your sleep, this by binge sleeping on the weekends, to make up for the lost sleep during the week. What’s needed, is adequate regulated amounts of sleep on a nightly basis.

Becoming Mindful
What the experts claim, is that the human brain and body, has is an infinite capacity to heal itself. All that’s needed, is to just alter one’s point of view, this by becoming more mindful. Visualizing pain and then healing it, does is lessens the effect of the pain sensation.